January 2, 2009

By Request

"What does this guy look like?" Here you go.... My urine drinking knight in shining work garb busy tiling the bathroom.
Once I took that picture I realized that many of you probably think my house is normal. Not so. Here's the proof. Our toilet doesn't usually sit in the hallway. Neither do the power tools and garbage. It's getting better though. Really.
This is what was going on shortly before I typed this post. Seth (you can see his face in this photo) takes a well deserved break after dinner. Honestly, a break doesn't mean that the kids just run wild. Right?
Josiah's latest feat is climbing. It takes him some maneuvering to lift his chunkiness onto a surface. Once the mountain has been defeated he starts yelling because he's stuck. It actually works out pretty well to keep him busy. As evidenced by the photo.
He was licking the tops of paint tubes and then chucking them around the room. I can't let you believe that I wasn't standing by watching this happen. He was well supervised during this dangerous activity (except for the millisecond it took for me to grab the camera). This is the table that the ceiling landed on a few months ago. Still in use, trashed, but still stable enough to allow 7 people to feast on it three times daily (and then support an overweight toddler).


Jen said...

Nice. Looks like our table. The Bible, some food, a few kids on it...

Seth - you are a rock star in my husbands eyes after telling him the pee story. I think his exact words were "OH NO!, SHOOT!! Oh MAN!.. poor guy.)

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

We were cracking up this morning when we saw your post!!! :) My husband said all that was missing was a little "crack action"...plumber style! LOLOL
Hope things get back to normal soon...like no toilet in the hall! haha