January 22, 2009

Makeovers by Toys-R-Us

I got suckered into buying my girls a make-up set for Christmas. My friend was with me. She has three boys (with a fourth on the way). She was so excited by the set (trimmed in a pink boa) that I forgot I would be the one living with the makeup. So I bought it. It was on sale and I'm a sucker for a good price. Deep down I know I'm raising at least one prissy, girlie girl. Shall I fight it or just let her wear nail polish and sticker earrings?

The girls were (of course) thrilled with the present. It's gaudy, complete with purple lipstick and matching nail polish. Big. Sigh. I was actually pretty pleased once I opened the package because all of the glossy things are...get this...clear. Whoopee for the gal who thought that up!

The big rule is that I have to be the makeup artist. These two can do some damage with a single tube of chap stick. We don't even need to think about what they could do with a case of lip glosses. From the look of it I should probably exercise more caution and care while applying makeup to the small children. I don't think it's supposed to hurt.
The pain was well worth it, "You look fabulous, dharling! That clear gloss was a great choice. It really complements your headband. I love that headband by the way, looks just like mine..."


Lauren said...

Beautiful! I love it that their heads are tilted to the same angle in the last one. :)

jill coen said...

Gorgeous girls! Wish all I needed was some clear gloss!! ha ha

Astrid said...

Last night when I was gonna sleep, I suddenly saw a little face in front of me. The face belonged to Salomae, and I wondered what had happened to the little girl (and her siblings) whos mother's blog I read for a long time, but 'lost' the past six months.
I don't know what made me think of her yesterday and I'm usually an anonymous reader... but felt the urge to comment, so I did! Ah well, you've got a wonderful blog, and I'm not gonna 'lose' it again... With love from Sweden!

Apryl said...

Astrid-Thanks for the sweet comment and for stopping back by! I'm humbled by the attention our blog gets. Thanks for your kind thoughts towards Salomae :)