November 3, 2014

Everett's "I am From"

Once Elijah started writing, Everett couldn't help himself.  This is what he concocted.  If you haven't written one for yourself, let this be the challenge!  If a teenage boy decides to write a poem without prompting from a teacher or parent, then it must be worthwhile.

I am From

I am from messy rooms, from original Xbox, and cucumbers.

I am from the previously peach colored haunted house.  I am from the side yard rose garden and mulch laying in the summer.

I am from one present on Christmas Eve, early runs, from 'Rara' and 'Poppop', from 'Lida' and 'Da', and from Apryl and Seth.

I am from the chaotic compassion that welcomes all free animals and staycations on a whim.

From "Be flexible" and "Your skills plus my skills, in the ring, tag team!"

I am from saved by grace and "Hold the Fort".

I'm from Dayton, Alabama, Toledo, from generations of adoption.  From Da Cakes and Grandma Juice.

I am from the bread truck, the runaway nose during the West Fork High School football game, and the runaway mom.

I am from the wall of pictures next to the lost sousaphone, old scrapbooks of 11 year old trips, and priceless home videos.