April 28, 2012

The Stack By My Bed

The tall stack of books on my nightstand tells about what is going on in my life right now. Recent parenting worries are sitting under a frivolous read. An 'encouraging friend' that I visit all year long rests on the very top, easily accessible when I need a quick word. A challenging missions autobiography waits to be finished, smashed in between my pressing worries and my desire to relax at the end of the day. I think my priorities are askew.

What does your nightstand reveal about you?

April 23, 2012

What a mother will do...

This tells me I'm not the only mother that has resorted to these tricks to convince children of the importance of dental hygiene.

Pictures of Bad Teeth

I almost dry heaved. The child in question immediately confessed to skipping his brushing and ran off. Our squeals caused a stir.  Soon the kitchen was filled with exclamations as I scrolled back through the pictures for the four curious children who missed the first viewing.  The kitchen quickly vacated.  I could hear water running and teeth being brushed all over the house.

I even gave my teeth a once over, just in case. 

April 20, 2012

Kind Hearts Video

This video came from a group traveling recently with Children's Hopechest. I was thrilled to watch it, but generally love watching any clips that people share from their trips. When the video started, all of the kids crowded around me. Unfortunately, they are drawn to the sound of movies playing. As of yet they are unableto discern the difference between Hollywood quality and youtube. I loved explaining that Misikir works with Hopechest and that he has become a dear friend. He is explaining recent projects and hopes for the future of Kind Hearts. We were all spellbound. I hope you enjoy the little glimpse into the great work that is being done.