November 30, 2008

I'm Back

How do I follow up on a post from a month ago? I lost contact with the outside world the day I left our house a month ago. My parent's house is grand and comfy, but without internet or phone lines. We enjoyed the respite, but I felt bad that I left everyone hanging while we waited for our house to become livable. Then we waited some more, then we went on vacation. When we came home my modem had blown up so I managed another week without internet.

I hate trying to play catch up and I'm still surrounded by chaos. So, I'll do the easy thing and just post some pictures. You just checked in here to see the cuties, anyway, right?

First, and posted on everyone else's blogs, was a fun time meeting families from NC who have adopted or are adopting with AWAA's Ethiopian program. These guys we've 'known' since the beginning. It was wonderful to meet our friends. We got the blessing of converging on the Coen's for the weekend. Silas and Josiah were roomies in Ethiopia. Silas turned one last week, Happy Birthday! We also got to visit with Team D for an evening. My boys envied after their Star Wars collection and I envied Shari's bookshelves. Then off to the beach for a week!
Sally and Josiah's first visit to the 'real' ocean, not just the big lake. Sally asked my mil, "Where does all this water go?" She had a great time, but will enjoy it all the more next time when it's warmer and SHE can get into the pool instead of watching from the side. Only 6 more weeks until she's without a cast!! We had a few casualties, Ella and Josiah ended up soaking wet. Both of them even went back for more after their near death experience.

We left the beach while it was snowing and headed up to Jamestown for the day. We had a delightful, yet freezing, time. We have been working our way through the 1600's this year so the visit was timely as far as school goes. Kudos to the grandparents for being brave enough to invite us to join them for the week. Thanks!
Upon arriving home, the house is still a disaster. We have a ceiling, hot water, and electricity. The bathroom is demolished, but slowly coming together. I wouldn't have expected living with one toilet to be a trial. Everyone has to 'go' at the same time, causing running, screaming, and jostling on a regular basis.

November 5, 2008

This is what I woke up to...

...and I still voted. What's your excuse? I guess I did have a little extra time; we were awakened by Everett at 3:45 am exclaiming "EMERGENCY"!!! We hopped out of bed to find that a valve had blown off under the sink in the bathroom (an undetermined number of hours ago) and was spraying water everywhere. Seth ran down to the basement and turned off the water; in doing so he realized the impact was slightly more than just the upstairs bathroom or even hallway. There was a torrential downpour in the dining room and the basement below. About fifteen minutes later, as we're frantically trying to "mitigate the water damage" I heard a creaking sound and a rushing of water, this was followed by losing about a quarter of our ceiling as it plummeted to the floor with a loud crash (see left). Several hours later, after our best attempts to handle the situation "at the lowest level" and some arm twisting from the insurance company they brought in the big guns. We now have a sampling of state of the art drying apparatus positioned strategically around the house (see right). The kids and I were ordered to leave, so we're on "vacation" to beautiful Mom and Dad's house for at least five days. It looks like we'll be getting a new bathroom, several refinished floors, some new carpet and a new ceiling. Not to mention some "stuff" to replace the "stuff" that was destroyed. I emphasize stuff, because that's really all it is; this is not a tragedy, simply an inconvenience. By the way, Chuck Baldwin won right?! Maybe this flood destroying a TV and a computer isn't such a bad thing after all, this way I can just write history as I imagine it to be.

November 3, 2008

Families in Ethiopia and Waiting Children

The families who were in Ethiopia last week arrived home safely this weekend and five more families are meeting their children today. Exciting times! Visit them at their blogs: the Nunez family, the Terwillegers, the Hammonds, the Brittons, and the Laughners.

I got an email yesterday about the Rainbow Kids website. There's a lot on the site, but the most important, by far, is the listing of waiting children. If you are early in the process of adopting, or thinking about adoption, please go check out their list! There are many children in Ethiopia (sibling groups too!) listed as waiting for families. These kids are ready for adoption, but need a family who is ready with their dossier (or paperchasing) to get matched. Take a few minutes and visit the site! Pass it on to those you know who may be interested in adopting!

November 2, 2008


Rarely do I get a picture of all five kids that is *just* what I want. We had an exceptionally (70 degrees, people! I thought we had slid down the country and stopped in Florida) warm day on Friday. I took my camera, kids, and candy to the park. The pictures I took were all flops and on our way back to the playground (to eat the bribery candy, of course) I took this picture. What is remarkable to me is the order that the five kiddos lined up--from oldest to youngest. It's the absolute best picture of our day and completely candid.