September 24, 2014

Sally's 'I Am From'

Over eight years ago, I stumbled upon a poem at Owlhaven's blog.  I *loved* it.  I barely contained my excitement as I meticulously crafted my own version.  The original poem was written by George Ella Lyon.  She is a teacher and writer.  She began making where-I'm-from lists in a composition book, then edited the lists into a poem.  She enjoyed it so much that she decided to use the poem form with other writers.  The reception was spectacular.  Today, her poem is used as a writing prompt all over the world.  I used it as a Mother's Day gift, along with the poems my three sisters wrote.  It was so fabulous to share our poems and laugh over the similarities and differences.

Last week, Sally created her own poem.  She wanted to present a piece of poetry to her Classical Conversations group.  I remembered our poems and thought she might enjoy writing her own.  I found this template to use. Initially, it was a task, but she finally caught on and we had fun.

Here is Sally's poem:

I Am From
by Salomae
inspired by "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon

I am from the long dining room table, hair goo, and Windex.

I am from the gray house with black shutters with window boxes full of flowers.

I am from the sunflowers and watermelon plants in the garden.

I'm from adoption and church, from Apryl and Seth.  I'm from reading before bed and meals at the table and Tuesdays.

I'm from "no singing at the table" and "put your fingers up" and "Holy, Holy, Holy."  I'm from Friday night pizza and movies.

I'm from Addis Ababa and Ethiopia, Africa.  Healthy pancakes and baked oatmeal.

I'm am from cats, dogs, and birds causing chaos.  From one sister and three brothers.

I'm from pictures on the walls and home videos in the cabinet.