October 2, 2008

For Sally

I know that we are covered in prayer. I am blessed beyond understanding by the sheer volume of people praying for Salomae. Many of you will be checking on her today by reading our blog. When Sally is a little older, I would like to be able to tell her about all of you who have been prayer warriors for her. When you stop by today, would you do me the favor of leaving Sally a comment? I've made it simple, so all of you lurkers can come out of hiding--no blogger id needed, just click on 'comment' and follow the directions.

Thank you so much!

We've been crying in the waiting area as I'm reading your comments...


Amy said...

Sally - I have never met you or your family, but I am praying for you today. You are a very special little girl that God has big plans for! Peace and blessings. The Trimble Family, Fort Bragg, NC.

Heather Brandt said...

I know you only through your mommy's blog but I have been praying for you. You are very precious to your family and to your Father God. I'm praying you will heal quickly and grow strong and healthy.

God bless,

Heather, Lanesville, IN

Anonymous said...

To the little girl with the beautiful smile called "Sally",
We love you and will continue praying for you throughout this journey. God has blessed you with a wonderful family and country to live in. We pray that He will heal you in a mighty way, and you will be playing again in no time at all:) Until then we will be praying. God Bless!

Love, Jeff,Tara, and your buddies Madison,Caleb, & Ethan

Jim and Ryane said...


I have been following your story through your momy's blog and want you to know that we have been praying for you. You are a courageous little girl with a beautiful smile.

Stay strong sweet princess,
Ryane and family

Grace Ragan said...


We've only met once and so I'm sure you don't remember me, but am praying for you today while you are in surgery.
We are anxiously awaiting great news of healing and recovery as we know only God can provide. We will be praying that recovery goes quickly so you can get back to being yourself in no time.
God bless you and the family.

Anonymous said...

Sally, I also have never met you or your family but have been praying for you and telling others to pray for you. You are going to have such a story to tell others. God can use you greatly!
The Joseph Family, Factoryville, PA

Mike, Nicole, Maggie, and Gracie said...

We love you Sally and we know you are a strong little girl!! We are going to be praying for you all day!!You are so precious to us and to Jesus who loves you so much!!

matthump said...

Sally, Apryl and family-
Please know that we are praying. I have my children praying too! We love you and ask God for complete healing.

Humphrey family

Janet said...

Praying for you today, Sally!!

Janet Whipple, Indiana

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers today. You are a very special and strong little girl. I am a pediatric orthopedic nurse and have worked with many little kids that have had spine surgery. I pray that you will heal quickly and be back to playing. When you are in the hospital be sure to eat lots of popsicles and watch lots of movies. Also be sure to blow a lot of bubbles as this will keep your lungs healthy. You can always ask for a child life specialist to come and visit you. They often have a lot of fun things to do. Tell your mom that she can get you a giant mylar balloon to tie to your bed while you are laying in bed you will have something to look at. Be strong and keep smiling! :)
God Bless, Kristy P Cottage Grove MN

Anonymous said...

Miss Sally,
I have only met you through your momma's blog. I am praying for you today and the days to come.
Jesus is holding you Sweetie, during your visit in the hospital and ALL THE TIME! He's got big plans for you, little girl. Be strong, keeping smiling, and get well soon.
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
In our thoughts & prayers,
Becky Fisher & Family /Zimmerman MN

PS We're praying for mommy and the rest of your family too :)

William said...

Sally -- We "met" your family online through AWAA. We have followed your story since before you even came to live in America. We are praying today for your comfort and safety, for the doctors and nurses who will be taking care of you, and for your family who loves you very much.

~William Schmidt; Cary, NC

Anonymous said...

Sally~ I started following your family's journey when they came to pick you up - and now read every day. You are in my thoughts and prayers today! Lots of prayers going up for fast healing!

Susan from Flower Mound, TX

Anonymous said...


Our love and prayers are with you today. You are such a brave girl. God loves you and is watching over you. We love you!

Matt, Aimee and Josh Weller, Whitefish, MT

kangaj1 said...

Sally, we love you already even if we've never personally met you. I read your mom's blog regularly. You are the same age as my son--I sure hope our families can meet sometime! We are praying hard today for your surgery. May GOD be glorified by what He will do in you! Melissa Juvinall, Normal, IL

Patty V. said...

Sally - You are a beautiful, precious little girl and a daughter of our King! Our family is praying for you today and also for your family.

God bless you!
The Violettes in Maine

Crystal said...

Never have I seen a young girl go through so much with such grace and happiness. How brave you have been and what a blessing you have been to this family. We love you so much and know that whatever may be is God's plan for your life. Always in our thoughts and prayers, we love you sweetie.
Hugs and kisses Auntie Crystal, Uncle Nathan, Ethan and Braeden

mattandkristy said...

We got to meet you just last weekend and we can't stop talking about your sweet sweet smile! Know that our entire family is lifting you up in prayer. You are one very special girl!!!
The Low Family

Anonymous said...


I heard about you through my friend Katie, who is adopting a little boy from Ethiopia. I am blessed that God put you in a wonderful family.

More than that, I am praying for you today. I believe God has a plan for you and I am asking the Father to heal you quickly!

Blake Cassell
Owensboro, KY

MarksMomma said...

God's blessings for Sally! I'm a friend of Jill Coen, and clicked the link from her blog. God is good and powerful! Praying for wisdom for the doctors and a fast recovery for Sally!

Erica said...

Dear Salomae,

I remember first meeting you around 7 months ago. I wrote to your Daddy and Mommy then about the sweet, strong spirit that I saw sparkling brightly in your beautiful eyes! I JUST KNEW you couldn't wait for your Daddy and Mommy to come bring you home - every time I walked in the room you would insist I pick you up and you liked to look at pictures of yourself and the other kids on my camera. Often, you were my little sidekick when I was visiting the place you lived while you waited for your family. You certainly stood out from the crowd. I'd definitely say you are unforgettable!

Today, I'm remembering you more than usual as I pray for you! I am asking that God pour out his grace over you and your family! I pray for strength and courage for all of you and lots of wisdom for the medical professions in charge of your big surgery!!! I've been praying about this surgery for a long time and I will continue to pray for you, precious girl.

I know your Daddy and Mommy are looking forward to seeing that gorgeous smile on the other side of a safe & successful surgery...and I know I'm looking forward to reading THAT blog post!

Blessings to you & your family, Sally! Lots of love to all of you!!!

Erica Treat

The Ivans said...

We are praying earnestly for you all day long! We haven't met yet, but we will, and my boys can't wait to give you a big ole hug! Always remember you were fearfully and wonderfully made and God has his hand on you right now and knows everything you are going through. We are also praying for your Mommy and Daddy and your brothers and sister. (And your Grandma Lida.) We love you all,
John, Dorie, George, Joseph, and Abraham

Paul and Holly West said...

Dear Sally,
We are praying for you all the way in Oregon!
We love you, even though we have never met you!

jill coen said...

I know you don't remember, but we met in Addis Ababa in April of this year. We were picking up our Silas and your mommy and daddy were picking up you and Josiah. I've been praying for you and will continue. You're a spunky little girl and I can't wait to see you in November, all healed up and better than ever. God sure has big plans for you, girl. He is going to see His work completed in you too.

Love to you and your precious family!

jill (mr marshall & silas too)

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you to have a successful surgery and to heal quickly so you can play with your brothers and sister!

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Sally, cutie!
We are praying for you and your family. We love you though we don't know you! You are being so very brave and we know God will help you even more. :)
In 3 weeks we are going to Ethiopia to pick up our own little baby boy and we will visit the same Transition Home your parents picked you up from! :)
We hope our little boy is as strong as you are and grows big just like you!
God bless you and keep you!
With love,
The Lusse family

Susan said...


I know that this is such a scary time for you, but we are praying for you to be healed and ready to play soon.

God has some really big plans for you!

Lots of Love, Susan Cary, NC

Clayton & Amber said...

Sally, everything about your life story is remarkable! Our gracious God has watched over your little life and has joined you with an amazing family who values your beauty and strength. I am amazed by the fortitude of your spirit about which your mother has so eloquently written. May our God continue to protect you and strengthen you spiritually, physically, and emotionally. May He bond your family together in ties stronger than any man could create. May you live out the life that God has created for you- a long life full of joy, love, and fullfillment.
Love and prayers,
The Jones Family

Rob & Candy said...

Dear Sally,
We've never met but I know you through your mommy's blog. I am praying that the surgery goes well and that you will be completely healed.

Karen said...

Sally, I am praying for you and hope you feel better soon! We "met" your mommy online since we're going to Ethiopia too. I am praying that God will stay close to you and help you to feel safe and strong!

Karen Bowman

Kara said...


What a precious girl you are! I have never met you in person but your smile on your mommy's blog melts my heart! You are a brave and strong little girl! What an awesome family you have! We are praying for a speedy recovery from your surgery. Blessings to you sweet girl!

The Portilla Family in Texas

KLT said...


I haven't ever met you in person, but I have heard that you are a very brave and special little girl. Every night, when I put my little girl to bed, I tell her that she is a precious treasure made for God. I think I can say that you are, too. God loves you so much, and we trust Him to do really incredible things in and through your life.

Kristy Tapper, Brewer, ME

Sue said...


We are part of your church family and began praying for you early this morning. We will keep praying for you, as well as your mommy, daddy, brothers, and sister, throughout the days and weeks to come. You are one special little girl, with one very special family!!! God is good and He has you in his hands, now and forever more.

Can't wait to see you back at church!


The Szirony Family

Ben said...

My wife and I have been praying for you every time you have come to mind today. We teach your brother, Everett, in Master Clubs and he was telling us about all of your favorite foods last night. Lindsay is planning on making a meal for your family, but I don't know if you will be able to have any. You can rest assured that it is one of your favorites, at least according to Everett.

God Bless,
Ben & Lindsay Hoipkemier

kristi lanford said...

do you know what a special girl you are. Before the world began God gave you to a special family in Africa that could pass you over to a special family in America. We know your American parents very well and know that you are loved and cared for all the time and especially on this traumatic day that we are praying and believing that God will give the Victory and receive the Glory for the safety and health! Praise Him, Love Him and know that you are very much loved BY Him. All our love in Him - Dan, Kristi, Caleb, Ellen, Ben and Lydia - Hurry and get well so you can come down and play on the beach!!! Love k

Karen said...

Hi Sally,

You don't remember meeting me, but we were at the embassy in Ethiopia at the same time, and on the same flight going back to the US. I remember thinking how cute you were, and the pictures show that you continue to become even more beautiful as you grow.

I was so sorry to hear what you have to go through, and I know it must be hard for you and your family. I am praying for you and hope your recovery goes smoothly!

Hartland, MI

Danica said...

Sweet little Sally,
You are an amazing little girl who has a very uplifting spirit. I am so glad that your mommy and daddy found you! You have shown everyone how amazingly adaptable you are, not too many girls would have handled a partial body cast as well as you! I will continue to pray for you and I can't wait to see you again once you are all healed up.
Auntie DeDe

Renee' said...

Hello sweet Sally! I have been reading about you for as long as mommy has been writing. It has been so cool to watch your Heavenly Father bring you to the perfect family for you. He brought you so very far, and I hope you know that He has very big plans for you! We are praying for you sweet girl!

Kathryn said...

We're praying for you Sally! Can't wait to see posts about your recovery.

Matt & Kathryn Clover

The Kimbrells said...

I'm praying for you and your precious daughter.
Mary in Alabama

Marlo said...

I prayed for you today.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you today. You are a beautiful girl with a wonderful family and a bright future. You are all in my prayers!
Blessings! Katy Bohannon, Killeen TX (Jill Coen's sister)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sally, my family has been praying for you ever since we learned of your sickness. We love you and will keep praying. I look forward to seeing you in our Sunday School Class soon.

Jesus loves you and we do too!

Mrs Cheedie and family

Jodi said...


We are praying for you and your family. You are such a special gift and we are so excited to see how God is working in your life. We'll pray for your speedy recovery!

The Rabquer Family

Anonymous said...

We've only met you a few times; but we've enjoyed knowing you and your family so much. We've been praying for you and asking others to pray for you. We Praise the Lord at His care and protection for you so far and will continue to pray for you.
Melody, Mark, and Mary

Kimberly Kulp said...

Beautiful, Smiley, Ethiopian Princess Sally. You are LOVED! May God always be your "strength and song." May God's healing touch be on you as you recover.

Your AWAA family LOVES you and can't wait to hear you are chasing after your siblings!

The Kulps in PA
RR Micah David 4 months
ET Program

Christine said...

Salomae, Although today you are not aware of it, someday you will know exactly how much light and love surrounded you and your family today! I hope then you will ALWAYS know how much you were loved before any of us met you and how much more you are now that we have! Love E.S.A. Chris

shelly said...

Little Miss Sally, I have been praying for you and you have been on my mind today....as I was sitting down to eat dinner I thought to myself, I've got to check on Sally today (meaning I wanted to read your mom's blog to see how your surgery went today)....and I am soooo glad to see that everything went well!

sarah said...

We've followed your blog for several months - your Sally shared a home in Ethiopia with our son at the TH - and we feel like we know you guys. We've been praying for your family since you came home. Your strength is an inspiration and your willingness to share your weak moments is as well. Sally is a special little girl...Sally, Our family is praying for your recovery today and we will in the days and weeks ahead.
The Ord family

brandy said...

Hi Sally,

I was praying for you today and I also had Jessee pray for you too. Jessee said "Jesus make Sally's boo boo feel better". We will still be praying for your recovery. God Bless your little precious and strong self. Love, The Gutierrez Family (your church family)

The Gillman Family said...


You are a beautiful girl. We don't know you but God knows you and he made you special! We are thinking and praying for you!

Gillman Family in Missouri

Kristin said...

I will never forget the day I first met you! Your infectious smile was beaming on your face! My family and I have been praying for you to heal quickly and grow into a strong young woman who can do great things for God, for He has a wonderful plan for your life! God Bless!
Kristin Dombroski and family.

alisafmartin@yahoo.com said...

Sally- you are an amazing little girl! I love to see your smiling face & hear all about you on your mommy's blog! I've been praying for you, your surgery, and your healing. I pray that when your are older (an even now) that you will share with all the world how God has cared for you & how He has given you a 'hope and a future'!
God bless your family!
Alisa Martin, AWAA, Springfield, MO

Anonymous said...

Sally - we prayed for you many times yesterday and will continue too! Alyssa and Abi talk about you all the time and can't wait until they can see you again. Just know that you have many people all over this country who love you and your family.
Love - Mr & Mrs King, Ethan, Evan, Alyssa, Abigail & Aliyah

Anonymous said...

Dear Sally and Apryl,
I have been reading your blog through the Coen's blog. I am from their hometown and they are special friends of mine. Your family and especially you, Sally have been in my prayers and on my heart since I read all about our adoption story. Though times may feel really hard right now, God is right here listening to you and loving you and He will give you peace. I will continue to pray for you! Get better soon!
May God Bless your family...Leslie Gilmore, Killeen, Texas

Jackie said...

I've been praying for you and I will continue to pray for as long as it takes! I think you are a very special girl! Always remember that God has a plan for your life. I hope to see you again soon!
-Jackie Gomez

Anonymous said...

sally i am praying for you all the way from Qatar. may god help you heal and get better soon
from hanna

Sherry said...

Sally - We are a family adopting some children from Ethiopia from the same adoption agency your family used. I have followed your story from before your mom and dad went to Ethiopia to get you. You are a brave and beautiful girl. The Lord is writing an amazing testimony in your life. We have been praying for you for weeks and will continue to lift you up before the throne through out your recovery. Blessings, Sherry Semlow

K.P. said...

You are in our prayers and I know that our great God is going to carry you through this. I praise him for your life and how He's guided it already. I know he has great plans for you and this is all part of your story.

Bless you little one!

Amber said...

We are so blessed by your courage and bravery! You have so many people praying for you. God loves you and has a plan for your life!!!

Anonymous said...

Sally, we are so glad your surgery went well and hope you have a fast recovery. You are a special girl with a very loving family and we are wishing you all the best. From your great-grama, Maxine Truelove, and Cousins, Kim and Eddie Truelove from Arkansas

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally! We have been praying for you constantly and we are so happy that everything went so well! John and Luke have prayed for you many times each day since Thursday and they can't wait to come sword fight with you and your brothers and your sister! You are such a beautiful strong little girl and our lives have been blessed because of knowing you and your family. We love you very much and are so excited to see what the Lord has planned for your life.
Love, Dana, Angie, John, Luke, and Benaiah

Anonymous said...

Miss Sally -

We have never met - but cannot wait until we do! God has blessed you in ways that we pray you will never tire of hearing of....a precious Mama and Daddy who have great faith and who traveled so far to love you, skilled doctors to tend to your physical needs, friends who pray for your safety and that you will one day grow to love Jesus and best of all a Heavenly Father who orchestrated every step of it all -Praise Be to God! Until we meet....

Much Love,
The Holders

Molly said...

I've never met you or your family but have eagerly lifted up prayers to our great God for you health!! God has big plans for you, sweet girl!! Never forget that He is FAITHFUL and GOOD! Life can get so rough and it's easy to despair and forget that He has a plan more beautiful that we could ever ask or imagine.

God bless you!!!


Natalie said...

I'm praying for you, too! I know God does amazing things in answer to prayers and it looks like he's doing amazing things for you right now! I'm sure it takes lots of patience to get through your days at the hospital, but soon you will be back home running around! I pray it will be very soon! Jesus loves you pretty girl!

Natalie, South Dakota

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet baby girl,
I need to write a note lest you forget that Da and I were here. As I sit here in the quiet of your house, all the babies are asleep, my eyes fill with tears at the thought of how good God has been to us. I see his hand in every step that brought you to us and now He is holding you safe as you heal. In church last night we sang "Like a River Glorious". It isn't one of my favorites and of course, not one of Da's (it isn't Amazing Grace) but the words just struck me. " Like a river glorious is God's perfect peace" " HIdden in the hollow of His blessed hand" " Every joy or tiral falleth from above". I guess maybe it is a favorite after all as it fits what you are going through right now. I was so happy to see your smile again today. You've been through so much in your short years, I look forward to spending many happy healthy years with you.
Your Lida and Da

Team Dragovich said...

Dear Sweet Sally,

We have been praying for you fervently and know the plans that God has for you-- plans for a future and a hope!!! We serve a BIG God and He is holding you strong through this entire process!!! May He continue to heal your body and grow you strong-- in HIM :)!!
Team Dragovich

JonesEthiopia said...

Sweet Sally,

I don't know you, and you don't know me, but I am praying for you and your family. I have followed your journey since your parents were in Ethiopia meeting you for the first time. I know that the love of your family will help you through this time. I know you are such a blessing to your family.


Anonymous said...

Sally, You are a very much loved young one in a very special family. People around the world have followed your story and we all want you healthy and happy. I'm giving thanks here in Oxford, England - that you are back home again so quickly after surgery. Hope that you can now enjoy some of your favorite foods and fun with your siblings as you continue healing. Heart, sabrina