October 9, 2008

Josiah's One!

Today our baby turned one. Everett spent most of the day telling him he's too old for...whining, crying, crawling, bottles, etc. With all of the surgery drama I had set myself up for being in the hospital today. I decided that we wouldn't *tell* Josiah that his first birthday was celebrated a week or more later. He had the best gift we could hope for--our family all present as he celebrated his first year. It was nothing fabulous by traditional standards--we will do the hyped up celebration later with extended family. Here's a clip of Josiah on his first birthday...just started walking in the past few days, thinking he's the only reason anyone ever laughs, and generally the most spoiled kid around. We adore this baby...is he still a baby?

Disclaimer: If you are in a public place you may want to do a little volume control. By most standards our house is LOUD. We sing in this clip. I mean, we scream in this clip. Josiah joins in and it gets obnoxious. Also, I had more control over the candle than the video portrays (that's for our social worker, just in case she's watching).


E said...

Happy Birthday, Josiah!!!

I can't believe he's one!!! He's grown up so much since I saw him last.

That video was so cute. Eben watched it with me. I said, "They're a fun family, huh?" He said, "They seem so playful." You gave us both huge grins - what a celebration.


the Steiger's said...

Happy Birthday, Josiah!!!
from the steiger clan.

He has grown up. And he is walking wow.
Family celebrations are the best.
love, Lenka

jill coen said...

What a gift to be together as a whole family!! Happy Birthday, Jo Jo Jo-siah!!

Susan said...

Oh, I'm so glad you all got to be together for such a special day!!

Happy Birthday, Josiah!!

Yes, he is still a baby and will always be. :-)

Love you! Susan

Anonymous said...

Loved the video! He is so cute! Can't believe he is a year old! You and Seth are such an inspiration...your love and compassion for these children just shines through. They are so very blessed to be adopted by such a wonderful Christ loving family!

Anonymous said...

that was precious!

E said...


Posting this here just in case you're not receiving follow-up comments from my blog...

I can't believe you made time to come visit my blog! That means so much - I know you have so much going on right now and I've been praying for you all! I'm so thankful for how well Sally's done and the many happy outcomes so far...praying for more.

And...no, I don't know a way to make it easier to access my blog. I have to manually check all of the private blogs I'm on, too. I think there *might* be a way around it...I'm going to look into it. You'll be the first to know if I solve the mystery. :) Anyone else out there know the answer, I'd love to hear it!

I knew my "don't say these things to me" note might scare some people off - I'm so glad you left a comment anyway. And "WOW" is pretty much perfect. Really, almost anything is perfect except those three things I listed. For some reason those things get on my nerves...and I know I'm being overly sensitive and hope I will have enough grace not to be snipey with people EVEN IF they choose to say those things...knowing their intentions would be good. Sigh.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and the comments!


Team Dragovich said...

Happy B-day Josiah!!! What a big boy and so full of personality! :) I love the hospital pics, too. Thanks for sharing them. Praying everyone is still doing well and Sally is still recovering strong and swift.

Much Love,

Jen said...

Your family is so wonderful to peek in on!

I have a few questions for you, I lost your phone number (we spoke about AWAA about 2 months ago).

Could you shoot me your phone #/email? I have the craziest story to tell, and I need advice about blending family ... we have a sib group waiting on us in ET! (We switched agencies)


Carpenters said...

Happy Birthday, Josiah! I agree with Eben you are a fun family!

With Love,