October 7, 2008

ICU Day 5

We had a good night last night. Sally is stuck in ICU until we can get her pain under control. Last night was the first time that she wasn't crying every hour or two. This morning, we were told that she was having her casting early. It worked out well because she had just had a dose of Tylenol and was "chipper" as we rolled her downstairs to the cast room.

We aren't sure what will happen today after she is in this cast. As far as we know, she will be in ICU for today. We are hopeful that she will be admitted to the regular floor today with plans to leave Thursday.

UPDATE--Sally is in the cast (from chin to hip) and still on target to leave tomorrow or Thursday. I know I'm feeling good about her complete encasement in plaster, but she seems a little 'miffed' about it. No more slipping out of her protective shell at 2 am...

The doc found a fabulous product for her--gortex pantaloons. I snicker at the name, but am overjoyed that she won't soak the cast with urine...today. Next week--maybe, but today the gortex is there protecting it from stinkiness. She will be in a cast for three months, getting it changed out after six weeks.

Right now she's sitting up coloring for the first time since we got here. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to God for seeing her through this with such an amazing outcome.


Amanda said...

How long will she be in the cast this time? Still thinking of you and praying for you.

Team Dragovich said...

I have been dying to get here since last week to see how everyone is doing! We had family in town and limited access to computer time. I have soaked up every word and am praying for every single step. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being so detailed and letting us in on your journey! I cherish you and your sweet family all the way from NC :) Wednesday sounds super to be home... maybe a little scary, too? Stay strong in the Lord and in His unfailing, most powerful Love, dear friend!

Jori said...

Just checking in with you~ God is good!! I am so happy to hear she is still doing great - what a gal!! And the family, great troopers you have! :):) I would love to get your address to send you some things!!!!:):)
love ya, jori

Jackie said...

we are so glad to hear that sally is doing so well! thank god! we will continue praying for her! thank you for blogging this, i know it must not be easy! god bless you and your family!
jackie & josue gomez

Anonymous said...

YIPPEE for Gortex and changing that cast every six weeks! I'd imagined it being there for three months and wooosh the reek!! ; o )

PRAISING GOD for HIS continued healing in Sally's little body,
Vicki P.

jill coen said...

God is in every detail...even the pantaloons!

ethiHOPEia said...

Praises! We are so glad that things are progressing and that Sally may be able to go home this week! I am praying the Lord will give you strength each and every day. His mercies are new every morning!