October 4, 2008

ICU-day 2

Sally had a rough night. She's (medically) doing phenomenal, but she's started to get very uncomfortable. She's lucid long enough to start welling up with tears. If she gets to that point the nurse gives her a boost of sedative to calm her down. She's got a continuous drip of pain relief, but sometimes it isn't enough. Last night, Seth took the early shift (until 4 am) while I slept then we switched. Sally slept most of the night, but woke up at least once an hour to ask us to move her. She has this idea that if she can just wiggle off to one side of the bed then she will find relief. So one of us has to be awake to answer her and then grab a nurse to help us roll her to one side.

Today we hope that she can get rid of all tubes coming from her nose (it's good to have goals, especially in the hospital). If she can hold down her stomach juices, then they will take out the stomach tube. It looks like she'll lose a tube a day. Hoping to be out of ICU on Monday.

Here are some pictures from the visit yesterday...

Thank you for your prayers, visits, and emails! Sally has been 'pleased' to hear about everyone praying for her.


Anonymous said...

Hi Apryl,

Please let Sally know that we're praying for her. We're praying for you, Seth and the kids too.

Our prayer is that God lessens her pain, gives her a quick recovery and that she's up running with the other kids soon.

We praise God that here surgery went well and that things are going fine so far.

You're in our thoughts and prayers,


Cynthia, Phillip, PJ and Josh

jill coen said...

Good morning! I hope it was a better night with less pain, Sally.

We're going to keep praying and praising for what God is doing and has done! :)


Jori said...

So cute to see the kiddos with her!
love, jori