October 22, 2008

Sally's Update

We had Sally's first visit with her doctor last night. We brought all of the kiddos because the local paper wants to do an article on Sally's surgery, our family, etc--since we are so interesting (read-crazy). I'm more than happy to talk about how the Lord has blessed us and provided for our family, especially Sally's miraculous surgery and recovery. We met the journalist and had a wonderful conversation with her before seeing Sally's x-rays. She got rave reviews from her doctor. Everything is still in place and looks fantastic. The second best bit of news was that we won't need to see him again until she's re-casted. Not that we don't like her doctor, but hauling five children to the office is cumbersome.

I'm about to show you the coolest thing--her old MRIs. I guess that sentence just gave me away as a huge nerd (you have to say that in robot voice to really savor it). It's too bad I didn't have these copies earlier, as maybe it would help you to see what was going on in her back. I should have tried to get a copy of the x-rays they did last night, being able to see the rods and rib in place would probably help too. I'm a visual learner (and a huge nerd).

Well, there's a cliff hanger if I ever left one. My scanner is off and I'm too lazy or tired or both to clear off the stack of children's artwork from the top to turn it on. I'll scan the copies in the morning. I will be well rested and chipper. Since that happens one day out of seven.
Okay, I'm a little late, but here are the scans:
The first is my fav, you can see basically her brain to her bottom. It's from June. The light gray area in front of her bump is the infection. You can see the deteriorated bones between the abcess and her spinal cord.

This one is from September, right before surgery. It's a closer view, shows the same as above, just more damage done. Again, the gray area is the infection, you can see it's eaten up her bones and is right up against her spinal cord.


Zack and Rebecca Caldwell said...

We are so glad to hear this good news! And how cool that the paper is doing a story on your family! Who knows who will be touched through that!!

I live IN Jesus said...

I am soooo glad to hear that Sally is recuperating so quickly! Praise be to God! Also, want you to know that I find MRI's very fascinating as well--so at least you aren't the only "nerd" in the blogosphere! ;) God bless! And thanks for you visit at the blog!

jill coen said...

The proof of God's goodness is in the pictures! :)

I'm a nerd too. Will you link us to the article when it's finished?

Anonymous said...

You are a rock star.. and so are your kids (I'll go ahead and add your husband to the list)

The body is such a mystery.. praise God that he created them and knows them.

Karen said...

MIRACULOUS!!!! with love, Karen Wistrom

Tracy said...

Hi Apryl,
So happy to hear from you---your kiddos are so beautiful and I'll pray for sweet Sally! We did have an incredible reunion! So blessed by our travel group! Our pics from Kid's Care were mostly group photos so maybe she can pick out some buddies from them. I'll email them a few at a time. :)

Carpenters said...

Wow, these pictures really put it in perspective. I must be a nerd too because that is really cool. I'm glad to hear the surgery went well. We'll be praying for her recovery.

With Love,