February 26, 2010

Snow Day

Snow days are a rare occurrence around here. Not that we don't get enough snow--the city wasn't voted 'worst winter city' without reason. When you don't need to leave the house it doesn't seem reasonable to cancel school because it's snowy outside. Nevertheless, today was the perfect snow day. Terrible outside. We actually had plans this morning but everything was closed. So, I cancelled school.

Except for finishing the covered wagons we started yesterday. The kids begged to work on those.

And also, "Can we work on the Germany project for next week? That doesn't count as school, it's a project."

And "Can we do some snack thingy?"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I guess I can just cancel math and grammar. I try and give them the day off, but they beg for learning. Who knew?

I load up plates of raisins, peanut butter, banana slices, apples, and mini-marshmallows. A few minutes of 'not learning' while everyone assembles...creatures, rapiers, and Daddy's head. Then they eat them. Except for Daddy's head. Ella was too full to eat that.

February 19, 2010

Two Years

A few weeks ago I re-read the posts I had written right after our referrals. Strange. To remember having only three crazies running around. To remember waiting and waiting to see those precious faces. Then the excruciating wait for court and travel. Wondering about how these two would fit into the family. Praying that they were being loved in Ethiopia.

Two years later, five kids crowd around the laptop to look at the pictures I'm searching for.

"Our first pictures of you. We were so excited."

It is reminiscent of the first day we saw the pictures. We were crowded around the laptop, exclaiming and shouting. Today, little people trickle into the kitchen from around the house, sitting on my lap and squeezing next to me. Remembering the time before we were seven. When two of us were very far away and very unfamiliar. Reminiscing about the trip to Ethiopia and meeting for the first time. Laughter at the funny pictures from our first few days as seven. Big brothers accommodating a new little sister by drinking her muddy "buna" from a pink teacup. Tolerating pasta meal after meal because that was all that was familiar. The older siblings trying so hard to make Fetya and Yohannes love them.

Two years later...

February 17, 2010

Braids and Brothers

I have *finally* found THE 'do for Sally. It involves a day or two of braiding. Only because I can't seem to do anything for an extended period of time. My life is one interruption after another. Sometimes the interruptions are my fault...mostly they are the result of five little someones needing me to just not be doing what I'm doing at the particular time.

That said, your braiding time may be significantly less. This hairdo rates high with me for several reasons. First and foremost, it lasts. I'm not talking about a few days. It lasts for weeks and weeks. It's brilliant. I can't believe I ever spent so much time on Sally's hair before this! Secondly, it requires very little skill. I usually try things that don't suit Sal's thick locks. This has worked out great. Third, (and most important to our little diva) she looks great.

The simple directions? Part clean, conditioned hair into one inch squares. Rubber band them and braid your heart out. I bought cute clips here for the ends. You could just twist the ends and leave them naked. Or you could put bands there too. Whatever you and your kiddo want. We've done it both ways and clips are my favorite. Tidy, yet cute.

Daily, I moisturize Sally's hair. That's it. I mean, the hours of braiding pay off when I can squirt, squirt, squirt and be done for the day.

The big pain? Taking the little braids OUT. Dear me, I didn't know what we were in for. However long it takes to braid, double it for removal. A very important sidenote here: you will NOT be able to leave the house once you start the Removal Process. It goes from bad to worse. I've put a snow hat on Sally for those times we *have* to leave the house (aka doctor's appointment that I forgot about).

Eli watched me for a while one afternoon and finally admitted that he was willing to help. I don't know whether he loves me, loves his sister or loves the idea of pulling her hair with permission.

February 8, 2010

I almost took a picture of the pile of unmatched socks haunting me from my laundry room. I have been absent from all things internet related for weeks. I blame that pile. It represents the mundane tasks of life that keep me busy.

I hate matching socks. So, I ignore them kind of hoping that someone will come along and pair them all up. I have actually thrown a basket of socks away and bought bags of new ones just to avoid matching them.

I can't believe I admitted that.

I bought lingerie bags at the dollar store for the kids to tuck their socks into instead of chucking them into the hamper. This will allow me to leave the laundry room occasionally to blog. Or mop.