February 8, 2010

I almost took a picture of the pile of unmatched socks haunting me from my laundry room. I have been absent from all things internet related for weeks. I blame that pile. It represents the mundane tasks of life that keep me busy.

I hate matching socks. So, I ignore them kind of hoping that someone will come along and pair them all up. I have actually thrown a basket of socks away and bought bags of new ones just to avoid matching them.

I can't believe I admitted that.

I bought lingerie bags at the dollar store for the kids to tuck their socks into instead of chucking them into the hamper. This will allow me to leave the laundry room occasionally to blog. Or mop.

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Anonymous said...

ok, my comment on this one is - any chore you don't like - teach a kid to do it!! Caleb does all my dishes, Caleb does all of the house trash for Dan, ellen cleans windows, fills water bottles and vacs the whole house!! it's not perfect but it is faster to come behind and clean the sink then to do it all yourself!! Ben and Lydia make most of the mess!! Ben is picking up some and Lydia screams if you don't let her help clean windows!! =) don't match another sock - supervise sock matching!! love you, k