February 26, 2010

Snow Day

Snow days are a rare occurrence around here. Not that we don't get enough snow--the city wasn't voted 'worst winter city' without reason. When you don't need to leave the house it doesn't seem reasonable to cancel school because it's snowy outside. Nevertheless, today was the perfect snow day. Terrible outside. We actually had plans this morning but everything was closed. So, I cancelled school.

Except for finishing the covered wagons we started yesterday. The kids begged to work on those.

And also, "Can we work on the Germany project for next week? That doesn't count as school, it's a project."

And "Can we do some snack thingy?"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I guess I can just cancel math and grammar. I try and give them the day off, but they beg for learning. Who knew?

I load up plates of raisins, peanut butter, banana slices, apples, and mini-marshmallows. A few minutes of 'not learning' while everyone assembles...creatures, rapiers, and Daddy's head. Then they eat them. Except for Daddy's head. Ella was too full to eat that.


the Steiger's said...

Good for you:) What a good mommy. We took a day off too (we were without power for 12hours from last night's storm) till the kids started acting up and we were back doing school. Enjoy snow. We have NONE.
love, Lenka
PS:How are you doing with TOG? I am still trying to figure it out:)

Anonymous said...

LOVE seeing the kids. They are all so beautiful.

Can't wait to meet them in person SOMEDAY!!

(please expand on the covered wagons)