July 29, 2014

Intended Curriculum Outline

My blogging has completely stopped.  I'm writing in my head more these days.  It's easier than trying to sit at the laptop and type.  Unfortunately, the stuff in my head immediately disappears.  Gone and lost forever...kind of like the 6000 pictures Everett deleted from my camera's memory card last week.  He will never live that down.

I'm not posting about that though.  It's something much more mundane that has forced me to log back onto my forgotten blog.  Homeschool notifications.  If you don't homeschool, or don't live in Ohio, then you may just want to tune out.  I suppose someone might be interested in seeing what my children are attempting to learn this year.  My purpose tonight is to share what I've done.  Over the past month I've had about five moms come to me for help with the superintendent notifications.  In Ohio, we are required to notify our school district of our intent to homeschool.  In doing so, we must submit a *brief* outline of the subjects they have listed as required.

I use the template that I found eight years ago.  I plug in the appropriate information and change names and years, then I'm done with all five children in a matter of minutes.  This summer my laptop bit the dust.  All is lost, including the template I used for our outlines.  I've put it off for a few weeks, and finally sat down tonight.  As I completed my outline, I thought I might share what I've done with any moms who need a view of what this 'outline' looks like.

I use this site for the forms I need--the notification form, and the assessment form.  I usually mail everything mid-summer in one big fat, envelope.  I send my assessments from last year along with forms for next year.

Here's my rather simple, yet effective, outline for Everett.  You will notice "Health" isn't filled out.  How to do health class with my ninth grader, we've already done The Talk.  That was interesting.  Seems like after that, being healthy is a daily lesson...please shower...brush your teeth...don't eat a bag of sour patch kids for lunch...

I followed with Josiah's intended plan.  Those two are my bookends, everyone else falls somewhere in between!

2014-2015 Intended Curriculum
I.                   Language
Latin B-Henle Grammar and First Year Latin
Writing-Persuasive Writing/Short Stories
      The Lost Tools of Writing, Andrew Kern
II.                 Literature
Recommended reading from Lost Tools of Writing
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde 5000 words writing class
III.              Geography, History, and Government
Current Events program through Classical Conversations
Mock Trial
Model United Nations with Archers
IV.              Mathematics
Saxon Algebra I
V.                Science
Biology I, Apologia Biology and Lab
Discovering Atomos, Jen Greenholt
Defeating Darwinism, Phillip Johnson
The Soul of Science, Nancy Pearcey
VI.              Health

VII.           Physical Education
HS Boys Cross Country Team
HS Swim Team
VIII.         Fine Arts/Music
Private guitar lessons
IX.              First Aid, Safety, Fire Prevention
Civil Air Patrol monthly safety courses
LifeCare First Aid and CPR training

2014-2015 Intended Curriculum
I.                   Language
Latin rules and vocabulary
Song School Latin
Memory Work for Grammar from Cycle 3 Classical Conversations
All About Spelling Level 2
Explode the Code
II.                 Literature
Institute for Excellence in Writing-Geography Based writing lessons
Beautiful Feet Books
All About Reading Level 3
Various appropriate books related to subject matter
III.              Geography, History, and Government
Geography of the United States-120 locations and features
American History and the New World
Memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution and Bill of Rights
IV.              Mathematics
Saxon Math Grade 3
V.                Science
Anatomy, Chemistry, and Origins Memory Work
201 Awesome Experiments, Janice VanCleave
VI.              Health
My Body, Patty Caratello
VII.           Physical Education
Recreational Baseball, Fall Soccer
Presidential Fitness Challenge
VIII.         Fine Arts/Music
Drawing with Children, Mona Brookes
Discovering Great Artists, MaryAnn Kohl
Classical Music for Dummies, David Pogue
IX.              First Aid, Safety, Fire Prevention
Research enabling a 4 minute presentation on each subject