December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from us to you!

December 23, 2009

Vasoline Explosion

If you ever have reason to remove vaseline from hair--rubbing cornstarch on the affected areas works great. I know this from experience. Don't shampoo first, though that would be the logical choice, it only turns the vasoline into non-removable paste. Cornstarch seems like an unlikely candidate, and you may doubt my advice as you scour the vasoline covered hair, but trust me. It's brilliant.

For vasoline covered ears, ear canals, etc--probably should proceed with much caution and not use the aforementioned solution.

Vasoline removal from walls, toiletry items that have gone down the laundry chute, and clothing? Haven't figured that out.

I think he's out to ruin me.

December 18, 2009

Tuesday Night

It's become a Tuesday night tradition copied from a friend. One parent and one child leave the house. A few dollars in their pocket as spending money and a few hours to spend together. We usually end up at a venue that sells ice cream. One week it was the half price bookstore, another the secondhand game store.

Last week, it was my eldest and I who ventured out. We had big plans of picking out a Christmas present and then having ice cream. When we got out of the car at the store, I instinctively reached for his hand. We walked hand in hand into the store. It wasn't until we were inside that I realized his hand was still in mine. We were browsing when he let go of my hand to reach for a book.

His action drew my attention to how old he looked. It seems like only a few days ago I was teaching our baby to clap his pudgy hands. Are those same hands now too old to hold? I waited; wondering if he would reach for me. I watched him as he scanned the cover of a book. He devoured the words and turned to me. As he mentioned that it seemed like a good choice for a friend, he took my hand in his.

Seth told me it won't be long before my oldest son won't reach for my hand as we walk into the ice cream shop. "Enjoy it while it lasts," he said.

I cherished each moment.

December 11, 2009

Christmas Rag Dolls

It began with a simple question.

"What Christmas ornaments do you guys want to make this year? I was thinking about felt Christmas trees. You guys could sew buttons on them."

Felt and hot glue, the definition of crafty simplicity. The response from Eli, "Well, I don't want to do a tree, can I do Wolverine?"

Ever eager to see enthusiasm in the kids; I agree. He kicks it up a notch, "Well, can we put stuffing in them?"

I agree, kind of wondering where he's leading me.

"Well, I don't really want him to be an ornament." Okay...

As I nod, mulling over what I've agreed to, I get squeals of delight from the three who have been listening to our conversation. "I want Peter from Narnia!" "I want Shortcake!"

From four felt Christmas trees to four handmade rag doll/action heroes. Only around here.

It's been six days since we started...still sewing.

December 6, 2009

Eerie Silence

The first week after a holiday is hard at home. The whole crew undergoes a day or two of detox. Goodies, Grandparents, and less structure tends to produce craziness around our house. Starting back to school after a break is painful. The kids and I struggled Thursday. Maybe it was the weather--cold rain for a day is depressing for anyone. Maybe it was the after Thanksgiving slump. Whatever the reason, I found myself wishing I could drop two of the children off...somewhere. The eldest and youngest were giving me the hardest time. Between five little spirits any one could be having a hard day. Usually the youngest (he's two after all) is the thorn in my side.

He can be a terror. He was on Thursday. His oldest brother came in a close second.

After much reasoning, discussion, and an added grammar lesson (to show him what "a lot" of work really looked like), he got off to a wonderful start on Friday.

And the dear, sweet, baby? He was suspiciously vacant. It took me a while to realize that it had been quiet for too long...alarmed I ran into the living room and found this:
It's a two year old puppy. Sitting in the dog crate. Happily panting.

A short while later he's missing again. This time Ella alarmed me by yelling, "Jojo has (what sounded like) SHOT!" I only half paid attention, knowing we don't have any needles around the house. After yelling again, I realized she was saying 'salt'. Brilliant.

Dinner prep seemed a little easier than usual. No toddler clinging to my leg, begging for food...drink...Bob the wasn't until I turned away from the stove that I noticed what he had been up to.

December 4, 2009

T-shirt Winner

Congratulations, Ryan and Carly! I hope you enjoy this very cool t-shirt. I should have posted this picture earlier--to make a donation to the Laughner's adoption and get a shirt, go visit their blog. Updates from Tom's trip to Ethiopia (happening right now) are also posted.

December 1, 2009


I love a nice comfy t-shirt as much as the next gal. I want to support my friends who are adopting again. Or my friends who are in Ethiopia right now with Children's Hopechest. So, without much thought I want to buy one of their fundraising shirts. But one body can only wear so many shirts between laundry loads, you know? I have a pretty good assortment of lovely, memorable t-shirts. I don't think I need another.

Oh, but I want to buy one...

So, here's the beautiful thing--I'm supporting my buddies and giving the t-shirt away to you. If there are any of you out there. Leave me a comment, I'll have my (previously pictured) lovely assistant draw a name. In celebration of the admirable thing being done by the group in Ethiopia right now, I'm giving away one of the Laughner's t-shirts. You leave me the comment, on Friday we'll let you know who won. Tom and Lori will give you the size of your choice and mail directly to you. Sounds fab--I get to support my friends and you get to win a cool shirt.

No worries if you aren't the winner, plenty of shirts available. Go visit the Laughner's blog and buy one!