December 6, 2009

Eerie Silence

The first week after a holiday is hard at home. The whole crew undergoes a day or two of detox. Goodies, Grandparents, and less structure tends to produce craziness around our house. Starting back to school after a break is painful. The kids and I struggled Thursday. Maybe it was the weather--cold rain for a day is depressing for anyone. Maybe it was the after Thanksgiving slump. Whatever the reason, I found myself wishing I could drop two of the children off...somewhere. The eldest and youngest were giving me the hardest time. Between five little spirits any one could be having a hard day. Usually the youngest (he's two after all) is the thorn in my side.

He can be a terror. He was on Thursday. His oldest brother came in a close second.

After much reasoning, discussion, and an added grammar lesson (to show him what "a lot" of work really looked like), he got off to a wonderful start on Friday.

And the dear, sweet, baby? He was suspiciously vacant. It took me a while to realize that it had been quiet for too long...alarmed I ran into the living room and found this:
It's a two year old puppy. Sitting in the dog crate. Happily panting.

A short while later he's missing again. This time Ella alarmed me by yelling, "Jojo has (what sounded like) SHOT!" I only half paid attention, knowing we don't have any needles around the house. After yelling again, I realized she was saying 'salt'. Brilliant.

Dinner prep seemed a little easier than usual. No toddler clinging to my leg, begging for food...drink...Bob the wasn't until I turned away from the stove that I noticed what he had been up to.


E said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm not the only one. Hurray! Er...maybe that didn't come out right. Anyway, *someone* around here has *very* busy hands and I can't leave him unsupervised for so much as a minute unless I want to find a mess that will take -- let's just say -- more than a minute to clean up. I keep reminding myself that this soon shall pass. After all, he'll magically stop getting into trouble when he turns 3, right? (If the answer is no, please don't enlighten me....)

Hang in there & have a Happy Christmas! (We have the same problems after breaks too, by the way.) We only have 4 days of school left before we have a nice, long break. I'm pretty sure I'm more excited than the kids are. :)

Nicole said...

Too funny! Gotta love the curiosity of this age. I am usually yelling for my little two-year old "blessing" when it is all too quiet and get " I comin'" with no one following the response. Mommy's que to go find out what she's in to. Give this little munchkin a big smooch!!

Christine said...

Nice grout. :oP ESA Chris

Becky said...

Did he actually stack the cans in order from biggest to smallest? I told you he's amazing.