December 12, 2015

Finding God in the Garbage

God is funny.  He really is, if we are created in His image and we laugh, then don't you think he laughs too?  In a world that seems to be falling apart, laughing is so important.  When Ella asked for a leaf blower for Christmas, she was completely serious.  We even went leaf blower shopping, only to discover that leaf blowers are very expensive.  As parents we had to pull the "Not a Good Idea" card.  What a disappointment it would be if grandparents, great-grandparents, and parents pooled our money to buy her a leaf blower that she opened in the middle of winter.  Gifts that can't be used for nine months are bummers.  Aside from the fact that it's a leaf blower we are talking about here, and she's a 13 year old girl.  We felt it was best to nix that idea and tell her to ask for a spy kit instead.

But God wanted to give this little girl a leaf blower.  Because, honestly, that's funny.  I giggle to think of a 70 pound girl hauling a leaf blower around.  I laughed when she said she wanted one.  God loves Ella more than I can imagine.  And God wanted to give her a Christmas gift.  So he did, in our neighbor's garbage.

Last week, we pulled into our driveway and I teased that two doors down our neighbor was throwing out his leaf blower.  I was just teasing Ella, but she hit the driveway before I put the van in park.  I won't easily forget the picture of her straining under the weight of her new treasure as she struggled across the street with it.  I, as such an awesome mom, didn't bother looking at the leaf blower since I assumed it was broken.  I'm so busy, I probably had dinner to make or a poopy diaper to change.  No time to inspect leaf blowers for malfunctions.  Seth looked at it the next day to discover it worked perfectly.

Not only has God given Ella this prized gift, he gave her such enthusiasm that I watch a Tom Sawyer-esque situation unfold in my yard.  Neighborhood kids were begging to use Ella's leaf blower and my yard and driveway were soon cleared of leaves.

God gave me a gift that day too, I suppose.  He shows up in the oddest places, like my neighbor's garbage.


Jackie said...

I love this! it is amazing how God works and even more amazing when he does these things for our precious little ones. It also explains the current weather here in NEO. He not only wanted her to get it but to be able to use it right away! I do have to ask... is it electric or gas powered?

Apryl said...

It's electric, which is better for Ella. She can just plug it in and flip a switch. I feel better about that too. Perfect ;)

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