May 16, 2013

Spring Break

I started this post ages ago.  After spring break, to be precise.  I am usually careful to document our adventures, local or far flung.  I guess I have a unfounded fear that one day one of the kids will accuse me of never doing anything with them.  Unfounded fear.  So, I'm a picture taker, rarely doing anything with the pictures, but they are proof that we did some crazy things.  And some normal things, like taking a spring break.  Albeit, just down to visit the Grandparents, but we had fun.  The first root beer float of the season, first bonfire, an Easter sunrise service followed by breakfast at church...and the final game of touch football, or any football for that matter, for my father-in-law.  What started out as role of coach and permanent quarterback morphed into broken ribs and months of recovery.  Before you ask, it was not Josiah's fault, though that is a plausible line of thinking.  Evidently, two hand touch can get pretty exciting.  Carried away in the moment, Papop decided to run the ball instead of passing it.  I saw him from the corner of my eye as he flew parallel to the ground still clutching the football.  He landed and didn't get up.  Thankfully, it wasn't worse, but from now on he will be enjoying all football games from the stands. This post's for you Papop!