January 25, 2010

Money Saving

I married a man who is the poster child for saving money. He takes thrifty to a new level. A level I've never actually wanted to visit. He enjoys it though, so I don't pester him. I'm such a dear, wonderful wife.

A few months ago we devised a budget. I guessed on what I spend for groceries. I guessed way off and not in a good way. In the months that I've tried to make my budget, I've gone over by (cringe) $150 on one trip to the grocery store--for a week of groceries. ONE WEEK. That blew the whole month. The next week I only went over by $100. For the first time I started paying attention and realized (duh) that getting the kids isn't the only expensive part of having a big family. When you have five mouths, five doctor bills, dentist bills, bodies to clothe...it can get pricey. I just didn't realize that we were spending so much on our bellies. One morning I was doling out cereal and noticed that each of the big kids ate three bowls. That added up to 14 bowls of cereal in one morning! Even buying the cheap stuff could add up.

A very good friend (and Momma to a pretty sizable brood herself) called me one afternoon and told me that she just found out about an amazing money saver.


In a way you have never seen them before. Since I'm far from being a guru I thought I would just pass the good word along. And let you know that I spent a mere. One. Hundred. Dollars. On groceries last week. I have more than enough stocked in the basement to avoid leaving the house for weeks. That's the beauty of saving money--gives you more leftover to share. When I find a great deal on cereal (who knew I should never pay more than a dollar a box?!), I buy a few extra for my fam and a few for the church's food pantry. It's brilliant!

Here's an intro to the gurus, but be ready to be very overwhelmed.


E said...

Ugh! I've really, really tried to do this, but I find it incredibly overwhelming. I stink at coupons. I even have them in my purse sometimes and forget to use them. Our grocery bills have gone up considerably now that we do not live on base. I've read the sites and just can't help feeling ridiculously overwhelmed. How much time do you spend actually figuring out the coupons every week?

Donna said...

I'm sorry. I could have told you about such things as those sites. You might also want to visit iheartwags.com and iheartcvs.com. On those, you can see the weekly sales ads weeks in advance. Helps with planning.

Anonymous said...

oooh, oooh, I made it to a blog, and it's your blog(my favorite) I feel famous!! love, k

Apryl said...

Kristi--you know i love you :) And you've been blogged many times before :)

Donna, no worries! I have dismissed coupons for a long time, not realizing what a savings they were. Thanks!

Erica-I spend about 30 min a week pulling the ones I'll need. I spend a good amount of time at the store, since I have to make sure I'm getting the right things. BUT I shop at a grocery that has childcare provided...it would be impossible to shop with five! Josiah helps me by tossing things out of the cart on a regular basis. Visit the sites--really you'll be surprised :)