January 9, 2010

Sponsoring an Ethiopian Child

I felt compelled to share something our family is doing, hoping that many of you will join us. The group who traveled to Ethiopia with Children's Hopechest identified a group of children who need sponsors. I have been anticipating this opportunity since mid-summer and I'm thrilled that the day is finally here. The easiest way to get involved (or to see what its all about) is to visit Karen's blog. Her recent posts will tug at your heart and perhaps you'll find that you can part with $34 a month to support one of these precious children.

From Karen's blog:
please contact me at kjwistrom@yahoo.com if you are interested in sponsorship, $34/month ensures a child has food, clothing, medical care, education and Christian discipleship - and a hope-filled future). Kind Hearts has capacity for about 110 children, and I am sure that once the kids begin getting nutritious meals every day, we will begin to see an immediate increase in the number of children being served at Kind Hearts.

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Ryan & Carly said...

I just realized I should say thanks for posting this. We just got matched with a little boy to sponsor. I was looking for something like this and I love their program! Thanks for sharing!