October 6, 2008

ICU- day 4

Last night was beautiful. The upped meds yesterday (and Tylenol by mouth) made an amazing difference in Sally's disposition. Seth went home yesterday to take care of the kids. Sally drifted off most of the day, but when she was awake she was pleasant. We actually had a full conversation for the first time in days:
"Mommy, Rara has earrings. I want earrings, too."
"Maybe when you have your birthday. Then you can be sure you really want them. Ella doesn't want them because it hurts at first."
"For my happy birthday I want them. I want a ring like yours, too." Riiiiight. I feel bad about all this mess, but I'm not about to buy you an engagement ring, dearie.

This morning we eagerly waited for the general surgeon to come in and check out the drainage from Sally's chest tube. When he came in, the PA with him said, "How do you say her name?" He looked over and said, "Haven't you ever read the Bible?" Seth laughed long and hard about that, since Salome (we messed with the spelling to aid pronunciation) is only in there twice.

The surgeon said that she hadn't had hardly anything drain during the night and we could proceed with removing it. Plans for that and casting were made until our ortho doc came in and said he was afraid to put her in a permanent cast since she may...ahem...foul it up. She had a *little* explosive action last night in the diaper she was wearing. It took three of us to get everything cleaned up. Needless to say, putting her into something permanent while she's struggling to get onto the potty is probably a bad idea. So we will wait until tomorrow.

While he was here, he decided to just get rid of the chest tube and central line (stack of IVs coming from her neck). Quite a bit of drama and hysterics involved in that little operation, but we are one step closer to leaving ICU. He said that we should leave the hospital on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! Wednesday. Wow .. cool but scary. here she is still in ICU. Does he know that is only two days from now, LOL? Praying Always, Vicki p.

E said...

Haven't you ever read the Bible...and remembered those two references...and known how to pronounce it correctly from that? Duh. What's wrong with you - you illiterate heathen? That's classic.

I'm so glad Sally's got some meds to help manage the pain so she's not miserable during recovery...so you're all not miserable, for that matter. Continuing to pray!

And, I have to give it to her. The earring discussion went well, so she decided to push her advantage. Smart girl.

Hugs to you all (except Seth...I think I remember reading somewhere he'd much rather take a pass)...


Amanda said...

I love that she's well enough to ask for jewelry! Praying for you!

Dorie said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so pleased that everything is going well. We're still praying!
Love you all,

the Steiger's said...

That is a great news. Thank you so much for all the updates.
We are praying you will get to leave SOON!
love, LEnka

beBOLDjen said...

Here's hoping for Wednesday then! Glad she's recovering well.

Super woman- thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment in the midst of your owm personal insanity! You are TOO sweet!!

Blessings to you and yours!!!

Rob & Candy said...

I'm so glad you both got some sleep and Sally continues to improve.