November 3, 2008

Families in Ethiopia and Waiting Children

The families who were in Ethiopia last week arrived home safely this weekend and five more families are meeting their children today. Exciting times! Visit them at their blogs: the Nunez family, the Terwillegers, the Hammonds, the Brittons, and the Laughners.

I got an email yesterday about the Rainbow Kids website. There's a lot on the site, but the most important, by far, is the listing of waiting children. If you are early in the process of adopting, or thinking about adoption, please go check out their list! There are many children in Ethiopia (sibling groups too!) listed as waiting for families. These kids are ready for adoption, but need a family who is ready with their dossier (or paperchasing) to get matched. Take a few minutes and visit the site! Pass it on to those you know who may be interested in adopting!

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Anonymous said...

YAY Rainbow kids! Changed our lives forever!