January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Eli!

Happy Birthday to Eli, our silly, solemn, six year old, Happy Birthday to you!

Mayhem reigned while 10 kids ran screaming through the house to celebrate with Eli. After two exhausting hours the kid count dropped by half and the decibels dropped drastically. We were left with chocolate cake littering the carpet, four empty pizza boxes, a smashed pinata, and one very happy six year old.

Our big boy shed some tears this morning upon realizing that he is indeed still shorter than Ella (by barely an inch!). They are both six now (for two more months, then Ella trumps him again and turns seven) and for obvious reasons should be the same height. Discussions of growth, gender, and genetics followed but nothing seemed to stop the tears. I finally just told him to get a grip and enjoy his birthday.

His "wow" gift was my old camera. I'll go into hiding after typing that, because I have several friends who may hunt me down and strangle me since I gave a camera that they envied to my six year old. It's really a sad story. Last year we went to a water park for his birthday (January partiesare so hard). It was just the family, we all brought him gifts to enjoy there. He was thrilled with the disposable underwater camera until we had to drop it off to develop the pictures. Ever tell your kid the tale of how they get the film out of a disposable camera? Just expect tears.

So, we owed him big time. We bought a new charger on ebay (recall the 'oops, I just blew up the battery charger' in Ethiopia?) for $10 and have a very pleased little guy on our hands. Here's some of his handiwork...

There's definitely loads more where that came from (approximately 100 more pictures I think).


the Steiger's said...

Happy Birthday Eli,
you should see pictures on my boys camera. Lots of cars and Lots of legos from every angle possible.
love, Lenka

jill coen said...

Happy Birthday, Eli!!! You are one awesome guy!!

Mrs. Jill, Mr. Marshall & Silas