January 10, 2009

My girls are pretty cute together. After years of harassment from two brothers, Ella finally has someone on her side. Unless she and Sally aren't getting along then the sisterhood is ditched.

Today was a good day for the two sisters. They were busy making a huge mess in their room with fake food and baby clothes. I was nearby in the kitchen cleaning up lunch, but could hear their chattering. I smiled to myself after hearing Sally say, "I'm Mommy. Ella you be my dog."

Of course, Ella is perfectly happy with that arrangement. She's always the dog. Doesn't matter what else is being played, she'll be the dog. Her doggie career has included "Princess Dog", "Jungle Dog" and even once "Dinosaur-eating Dog".

It dawned on me that Sally just gave me the biggest compliment she could. She wasn't 'a mommy' or 'the mommy' she was "Mommy." I feel a little middle school saying this, but adopting an older child makes you feel a insecure. When we first came home I wondered if Sally wished she was back at the transitional home. She could run around and do what she pleased. I tried to ease her into the routine of our family. I still couldn't help but wonder if the first time she emptied the trashcan she wasn't thinking, "Back in Ethiopia they didn't make me take out the garbage."

It's been eight months since we came home. It seems like we've always been a family of seven. I get all the hugs and kisses, but it's nice to hear a completely innocent exchange that lets me know Salomae is pleased that I'm her mommy.


the Steiger's said...

That is great to hear Sally is doing so well. Jo is finaly getting big and enjoying playing with Emma a lot. I am not sure if it is a good thing when I hear them giggling upstairs and I have no idea what they are up to (my make up most of the time).
love, Lenka

Daneille said...

Danika LOVES Ella. She talks about her every day and is writing a book called "Elu and Horn" (in her phonetic mind, that's how you spell Ella) about your daughter and a unicorn.

jill coen said...

There's nothing sweeter than sisters who love each other. I'm sure that exchange made your heart just feel sooo good. :)

Lauren said...

haha--makes me think about our sisters and us and our Real Babies®. :)

Many blessings,