December 31, 2008

I'm not kissing that mouth

I've known Seth for nearly 14 years and he still surprises me. You might think I'm about to get mushy on you, but I'm not. I guess I could tell you about the wonderful dad that he is and how he went out on Christmas Eve (after picking up on my ridiculous hints) to get the gift I wanted. Nah, I'm going to give you a glimpse of the real Seth. He doesn't get much airtime on the blog and this is too good to pass up.

This morning I came downstairs and found his travel mug full of yummy coffee. Score for me, but too bad for him. He usually doesn't notice that he left it until he reaches over to grab a sip and gets nothing but air. This morning was a little different. He was rushing to work yesterday and needed to make a pit stop. But he didn't have time. What's a guy to do? Duh, use the now empty travel mug, of course.

This, by the way, is not an activity condoned by me. Or my mom. Or any gal I know. We are far too proper to do any sort of disgusting thing like that.

So he does his business and LEAVES THE MUG IN THE CAR. I don't know if he usually brings me mugs that he's urinated in, but using a travel mug is news to me. I'm looking at the travel mugs in the cupboard in a new light after today. Thinking that we should buy some disposable ones...

This fateful morning, my warnings of, "You really shouldn't do that" finally come to fruition. He reached over to find his coffee and only after taking a big 'ol sip realizes that it's his urine from yesterday. Gag.

Chalk one up for the big momma who knows it all!


Apryl said...

In my own defense, I'm a pretty busy guy and for what it's worth I didn't swollow it. I will say this(for those of you who haven't experienced it...I guess that leaves everyone reading except maybe "Survivor Man"), it didn't taste as bad as you might think. Seth

Anonymous said...

OH! You have me laughing out loud! Incredible story!

For the record, I once drank a huge swig of "dip" spit from a beer can. Ahhh the memories of high school and before Christ.

You need to post a pic of Seth, I don't think I know what he looks like.

PS - Ikea.. now... need... girl.. time.. no kids allowed!!!!

E said...

Too funny. I had to read it to Kevin. He says he already likes Seth. Survivor Man reference...owning that it didn't taste as bad as you might think...golden with Kevin. Kev's of the mind that "people" blow things like this out of proportion...yeah...things like pee in the mouth...out of proportion...hmm.... I think it goes without saying that he found nothing even remotely shocking about the travel mug/urinal concept. He values his life, so I'm not aware of any of our mugs being as versatile as yours.



Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Thanks for the great laugh at 10:00 at night!! Dietrich and I are standing here cracking up...and even more when we saw Seth's comment!! LOLOLOLOL
Amy & Dietrich
PS Dietrich said that same thing...where's a picture of this guy?! :) Funny!

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Toofunny! and too true! Roscoe does this as well - busy busy men!! - only he leaves his mug/jug whatever he had, in the garage for days in the hot summer! To my knoweldge he's never taken a drink though :) or at least hasn't admitted it!

Daneille said...

That tops every story from Seth's childhood that I could come up with ... but I think I could have done without the mental image of Seth urinating in a travel mug. Seriously! How is that done? Was he driving at the time? As much as I want to, I can't stop wondering.

jill coen said...

Um....he didn't do that at our house did he?

Apryl said...

D-You really don't want to know the intricacies of urinating in a cup while driving 75 mph, do you?
Jill-I really, really hope that he didn't 'use' any of your cups while we were visiting. We did have that long drive back to your house from Raleigh...may want to sanitize your mugs.
sigh, apryl

Christine said...

Sigh. Seth WOULD be the one to take recycling and economy to the nth degree.... :o) I haven't tried it myself but I hear it tastes like beer if served cold... I'm more grossed out by the combo of OLD coffee and WARM urine in the cup than anything else... interesting... Chris M

Scrapaganza said...


So when exactly did you say "You really shouldn't do that"? regarding pee in a travel cup?? :)

Jori said...

That is so funny!!! I was wanting to check in on how Sally is doing and the cast and all but this ... I am laughing so hard - need a pit stop myself!!! I can't believe how calm you are and yet, maybe disposable is not such a bad idea! :):)
love, jori