December 6, 2008

Good Gifts

After spending one hour in Toys-R-Us today, I'm done. I stood next to a woman who had some 'line rage'. It freaked. Me. Out. People lose their minds during this time of year. It's the shopping equivalent of road rage. She watched the cashier interact with other costumers and saw errors being made and price checks radioed to the back. I watched her as the heat started rising in her face and pretty soon she's squawking at the next person who asks, "Are you in line?" It's unpleasant to watch.

I think I'm done with leaving the house. Make a guess on what I spent for five kids, I double dare you to hit it on the nose. It's a little tricky because I had two coupons and the insurance company gave us some cash to replace toys ruined in the flood. Also, bought Eli two presents for his birthday. My biggest hint: I really pared down from our normal madness. Guess away, but there's nothing in it for you except for satisfaction.

Last year, I posted a list of families who were fundraising as gift ideas for those of you who are clueless. Jill posted a comprehensive list of links to organizations that will use your money wisely. I'm not about to duplicate perfection, so if you are in search of a gift for the person who already has everything (we live in America, who doesn't have everything?) go visit her blog and find something wonderful there.

Along those lines...I have a great friend who is adopting. She's the kind of friend that I have yet to meet, but we've had many long talks over the phone about her amazing adoption. She can't mention her fundraising efforts on her blog, but I can! So, how about you leave me a comment with your email and I'll send it along to her so you can order something. She had their website printed on the products, but has since disabled it (just do what the agency says...) I personally find humor in wearing a t-shirt with a website listed that no longer exists. It's a conversation starter, not that I need more of those. Sheesh, my family is a conversation starter.

Here are a few pictures...


Kara said...


Please send me the website of your friend! Send to:


Kara Portilla (YG friend)

Jackie said...

i would love it if you could send my email address to your friend! here it is:
I'm really glad you're back to blogging! :) your stories make me laugh!
jackie gomez
(awaa & fellow ohioan)

Jim and Ryane said...

Cute tees! I'd love the info.

ryanemurnane at verizon dot net

PAP~ Gladney

E said...

Ugh! I hate leaving the house...I know, I sound like a horrible agoraphobic and - to be honest - I think I am a little. Anyway, Christmas shopping is akin to torture as far as I'm concerned. As a rule, any kind of shopping is loathsome IMHO. Can't wait to hear what you spent...though I'm not brave enough to hazard a guess.

Those water jugs are SO cute. I already got ones for my boys as stocking stuffers or I would have totally gone with those...