April 26, 2008

We Made It!!!

Our last picture as a family of five! We miss you three!

After a delay in DC, we spent 16 hours on the plane and arrived this morning. Logically we should be revved and ready to go. We just lounged for 16 hours! The airlines were very efficient in providing drinks, meals, and hot towels. Just about when we started to drift off it was time for another round of trash pick up or meal preparations. I finally called it quits on sleeping and read three books (thanks, Vicki!).

The plane was PACKED; not an open seat to be found. Easter is tomorrow, so most of the people on the plane were coming home for the holiday. We were sitting by two rows of families with small children. I relished every minute of freedom we had; since we will be in their shoes on the way home. The cultural differences were immediately apparent as every child that passed Seth (who was on the aisle) rubbed his knee or touched his shirt. When they lingered, their parents just smiled and let them visit with him. If you know Seth personally, you KNOW that he's not too big on people touching him. Pretty big adjustment for him! He jumped out of his skin when one little girl stuck her hand down his shirt pocket.

Upon arriving at the airport, we had few instructions to follow and managed to murk those up. Even after the instructions from Penelope, we still got into the wrong line for visas. It was all resolved, but we were a bit frustrated with ourselves for not being better prepared. Barrett and Rachel met us outside of the airport then we went to lunch. They are a fun couple who seem to enjoy what they are doing. They told us all about Fetya over lunch. She's evidently quite a jokester. She takes liberties, but makes everyone laugh at her. I'm excited to meet this little girl of ours! I'm also a little nervous, Rachel mentioned that Fetya may have a hard time initially. She is anticipating our arrival and understands that she will leave with us. But it's unclear how MUCH she understands. She's had many changes in the past year--first spending 6 months at Kids Care Orphanage, then moving to the America World Home in February. She took a little while to warm up there, but has blossomed and is loved by the others who live there. As much as she has heard about us, seen our pictures, and been pumped up for her departure--she's still going to be destroyed when she realizes that she won't see Rachel or Barrett again, the nannies, and likely she won't see many of the friends she has made. Much loss in the past year for this little girl--please pray for her!

Seth and I are at the Hilton settling down now. We've had the afternoon to adjust a little. Both of us were so exhausted we took a nap (we arrived in ET at 3 am our time). The rest of the families arrive later tonight. Seth ate an Ethiopian lamb dish for dinner and will probably pay for that. He fools himself into thinking he has an iron stomach. I've possibly caused permanent damage to the in-room safe...with all of our valuables inside. So far, so good!


Vicki P. said...

Permanent damage, 'eh? What a way to start your trip! So tomorrow is the big day when you will greet, meet, and care for your kids . . . What a great day! Praying for a day filled with wonderful firsts and wonderful memories!! Praise God you made it safely! Hmmm... didn't know Seth had a touchy/feely thing going on .. good to know, LOL. Esp. when we're in an ornary mood. HA!

Praying fervently,

the Steiger's said...

I am so happy for you guys. It feels like yesterday when we were got of the plane in Addis. I hope you will get to see your kids tomorrow.

Paul & Holly West said...

So excited that you get to meet your kids tomorrow! I cannot wait to see the pictures of them in your arms!
Praying for you!

Katie Redfern (awaa) said...

Yeah for a safe trip!! Hope you get enough rest while you're there! I'm really looking forward to the rest of your posts during your trip. Thanks for keeping all of us updated. Hope you have a super-special day when you get to meet your two newest kiddos!! :)


How exciting to know that you are about to meet your precious children!! I wish we were there again!! I really miss ET!!
Enjoy your trip and can't wait to hear more!!


shawn and tisha said...

Glad you made it safely! I'll be praying for your daughter's adjustment.:)

Penny Smith said...

Dang time flies (for me huh?) Your there! WOW!

Prays a plenty!

Carpenters said...

I am so excited for you! It was a little surreal and so exciting to be in Addis, where our children were. I can't wait to see pictures of you with your little ones!

With Love,