April 30, 2008

Embassy Today!

We just returned from our appointment at the embassy.  It was long.  It was hot.  The bathrooms had no tp.  And I'm a horrid mother because Fetya was hungry and I told her we could eat the last banana when we got on the bus.  I was talking about the banana she ate on her way to the embassy appointment.  Not so good.  At least I didn't lie about the mango juice in the backpack.  After waiting for well over an hour I took Fetya outside.  Shortly afterwards, Marshall Coen came outside with Josiah.  It was picture perfect Daddy parenting.  Marshall says, "Uh, Seth needs you to change his diaper.  They don't want him to leave the waiting area."
Nice.  The kiddo hasn't had a "serious" diaper since we got him yesterday.  I guess he finally loosened up enough to do it in the waiting area.  No changing tables, just me, Josiah, and my lap.  It turned out to be a real doosey--both of us were wearing some of it by the end.  Halfway through the mess, Marshall runs outside to tell me that they have called our names and we need to hurry upstairs.  When he saw what I was dealing with he smirked then said, "I can see you are in the middle of something...I'll tell them you're on your way."  Yeah--only because I ran out of wipes.  Yuck.  Then I grabbed Fetya's hand (no hand washing available) and we raced upstairs.  Very simple, short, and hopefully successful. 
Seth is getting some serious QT with Josiah.  He's had to step up and take charge of Josiah's care because Fetya still isn't so sure about Daddy.  We had an interesting morning--went to the playground then swimming.  On purpose Daddy went into the pool and Mommy stayed on the side.  Fetya let Seth swim her around a bit, but soon decided she would rather avoid him and play with Selam (9 year old from the TH).  Selam, as is probably true for most of the kids at the TH, is more than willing to be a junior parent.  We are just letting it go--Fetya is so confused and scared.  It's like a slow cut on the cord to have Selam here.  Easier and harder at the same time. 
So, the embassy--it went well.  As far as we can tell.  We will get the kid's visas on Friday morning.  The other three families went through also.  The Coen's have some added complications with Silas' visa because they are returning to Germany.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be cleared up.  We rested this afternoon and plan to have dinner with the group in an hour.  Fetya, Josiah, and I laid on the bed and fell asleep.  Very sweet.  She's still sleeping and I'm beginning to wonder if she may have a hard time getting to bed tonight.
Love to you all!


Jori said...

YEAH!!! Thanks for the little moments and so glad you are doing well. Praying you home
Blessings, Jori
WFR 02/19 either x2

mstum said...

Yohannes reminds me so much of our little (rather make that HUGE) Dosen. He, too, was the biggest boy at the TH, and only one outfit I brought for him to wear fit. In fact Yohannes and Dosen favor with the almond shaped eyes. BOTH of your children are simply stunning. I'm so happy for you! Cheering you on from Tennessee!
Merica (AWAA - home since January)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are in the process of discerning whether adoption is what God is calling us to. Love your blog! We are reading all sorts of material on adoption. Attaching in Adoption by Deborah Gray is the one we're currently reading. She speaks a lot about the grieving these kids have to go through--about their birthparents and caregivers--sounds like your new daughter is doing that. Recommend the book if you haven't already read it. God bless you, your children and the rest of your trip.

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Oh you guys! We are praying for you! The video was beautiful--thanks for working so hard to keep everyone updated on your blog! :) We are loving it!
Praying you home,
Dietrich & Amy Lusse

Ducommun Family said...

Apryl!!!! It sounds like a crazy and frustrating couple of days. Be encouraged: we are all over here praying for you constantly. God will give you the strength and wisdom to deal with each situation that comes your way. Life will settle down once you arrive back home.

We loved the video! We can't wait to see more. Thanks for keeping all of us in the states informed on how things are going. Thanks also for your honesty.

Know you are loved and we are praying for you...

Laura Ducommun
WF court date

Carpenters said...

The embassy appointment is a long, hard wait with little ones who aren't so sure they want to be there. Our Josiah had a melt down there and with two and tummy troubles, it's not much fun. We will be praying for you.

With Love,
The Carpenters

Sherry said...

Praising the Lord that you had the right wording in your homestudy! Praying that He will confirm for you that He has chosen you and prepared you to be the mommy and daddy these two little ones need. Praying you through the rest of your trip!!!

Sherry Semlow

Kiki:) said...

WE are praying for Josiah & Fetya!!!!! They are so very precious to your YG family...we have them covered from head to toe!
THANK YOU for sharing so many amazing details of your experiences...we are starving for news...and your posts are perfect food for the soul.
Praying fervently for your beautiful family.
Lots of love,
Roger & Kari