April 29, 2008



Paul & Holly West said...


They are so beautiful. I am all choked up! What a wonderful moment. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

OHHH! Wonderful! The Lord is so merciful. Your children are beautiful and we can't wait to meet them! What a beautiful moment.
Praying for you,

Jen said...

WOW just a few seconds of video and I am bawling!! I am so filled with joy for your family! The kids are gorgeous.

Danica said...

You guys are amazing! It's great that you guys were able to share this with all of us. It's almost like there aren't words to describe it. Im so relieved about Fetya's paperwork! Hope everything goes smoothly from here on out. Seth, you seem to have already taken on the typical dad position by scaring your daughter into tears. I don't know how many times my dad had done that to us. She'll warm up eventually. love you guys!

Carpenters said...

How precious! Apryl and Seth, I am so happy for you both. It is so great to see them both in your arms! They are both so beautiful!

With Love,

P.S. Josiah is trying to send his love too (but touching the computer is no-no.)

Penny Smith said...

ONE MINUTE!!! Oh come ON! :)
Just teasin'! I was just sitting here thinking... there in Africa, right now... WOW!

Your family is (increasingly) beautiful!

Vicki P. said...

technology is amazing! Thank YOu so much for sharing your beautiful moment with us! Apryl, you are absolutely glowing, despite the sick tummy you evidently had!

Josiah is a biggie, WOW! Your daughter, Salomae, has a smile that is so beautiful. I hope you see more of those as the days come to pass.

That was pretty funny about Seth scaring her (innocently). He is scary and all, you know. May the Lord wipe away all those fears and tears in a very short time.

Just for curiosity, what part of the world will Salem be going to? Will the kids be able to maintain contact?

Praying for your day today, Thursday, which is already well under way. Have a great visit in Africa.

Nicole said...

Oh what a blessing!! I'm sitting her with tears in my eyes! I can't believe it! I'm so glad that everything worked out and that you are able to bring them home on Friday. When do you think that you will officially be back home to your house? Let me know if you can so that I can start the meal planning for you. Take care of yourselves and I will be praying that all works out with Fetya ( is that what you are going to be calling her?) and that she will get over her fears. I guess I would be scared too, you know? Can't wait to meet them and will be praying for your safe return! We love you all!