April 16, 2008

Salomae and Josiah

I have a friend who annoys me to no end keeps me accountable. She continues to pester me gently remind me that I haven't taken the time to post the rest of my kids' pictures. So, to appease my friend and make my life easier...I made a slideshow. Before said friend decides to remark on my musical choice--I had no song that burst forth in my mind when I made this slideshow. I happen to be partial to Vivaldi's Spring. That seemed quite appropriate to me, since we are coming into spring after such a long winter. Enjoy! This is the best I could sling together as I run amuck. Every once in a while I screech at an unsuspecting child, "We are leaving in 8 days! Can you even bear it? EIGHT DAYS!" Poor kids, they will be so happy when they get their real mommy back.

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