April 27, 2008

Sunday in Ethiopia

I have a few minutes before heading downstairs...Seth and Marshall are battling it out at the ping pong table and I woul like to watch the game.

It's a beautiful Easter day in Addis. The Ethiopians make a big celebration out of Easter, much like the hoopla that surrounds Christmas in the US. We had hopes of getting to a church service this morning, but decided not to go. We were wary of catching a taxi, unsure of how we could get back to the hotel after the church service. We didn't want to call one of the Christian drivers listed by the agency, since they would be celebrating with their families.

On the way down to breakfast we met the Heinrich's (adopting 9 yr old, Selam) in the elevator. We must look obviously American, because Alice took one look at me and asked if I was Apryl. The Coen's were waiting in the lobby and we all enjoyed the buffet. The prices for food at the restaurants in the Hilton are comparable to prices in the US (even higher in some cases). Off the Hilton grounds, everything is much more reasonable. Yesterday, we paid $15 for lunch for four. For the buffet at the Hilton, it was $35 per couple--included in the price of our room or we probably wouldn't have splurged on that. Future travelers--this isn't included unless you are a Hilton Honors member, if you are, be sure to tell them at check in, or before. Our room was upgraded and buffet included for free because of this. Seth only mentioned it because he wanted the points, that turned out to be a very nice bonus.

We have spent the day walking around the grounds of the Hilton 'compound' and getting to know the other couples here. Our evening plans are to leave the compound and brave real Addis for dinner. I would love to post a few pictures of us from today, but alas, blew up my camera charger this morning. I'm on a roll with electronics! We did get the hotel safe fixed and I am no longer allowed to operate it. I have another camera that won't download photos onto the laptop. We are taking the pictures, just can't post them right now. We will be sure to download some video from tomorrow!

For clarity: We will meet the kiddos tomorrow afternoon (Monday). Tuesday we will go back to the orphanage and pick the kids up, from this day on they will be with us!


AWAA- ET adoption said...

Hey i was just wondering what families are in ET with you. I know that it is you and the Coens. I was just wondering who the other two families are. I know they don't have blogs

Anonymous said...

I am curious about how is with you, too, and where they are from.

Jori said...

Praying for your safety and a "good" transition/acceptance for you all.
Blessings, Jori
WFR 02/19 either x2

Nicole said...

So glad that you made it safely and hope that Seth has not suffered any permanent damage from all of the human contact!! Keep us posted. We are praying for you everyday! Can't wait to meet those munchkins!!

Rob & Candy said...

Yah, you are there. We can't wait to hear about your visit to the TH and meeting your little ones.

shawn and tisha said...

Glad you are having a good time. Can't wait to hear about you getting your children!:)