April 18, 2008

It's every other Friday today!

In my haste to do things, I forgot that today is "our update Friday"! I took a break from the chaos and ***ahhhh*** an email from Rachel! She wrote: "Apryl, see you soon!" I'm still having a hard time believing that we are really going to Ethiopia next week.

The best part of the update, by far, are the pictures. Yohannes' picture may rival my number one pick--it's a perfect photo to accompany Rachel's update.

Yohannes is becoming so expressive. To watch his facial expressions is so entertaining and keeps that nannies laughing! Yohannes gets lots and lots of attention and loving on! He is very alert, responsive, and interactive. He continues to be healthy and happy!

Everyone is starting to talk about Fetya’s leaving soon. She is such an entertaining and fun child, and will be missed around here! The older children just laugh at her, as well as all the staff. At the recent birthday party of another child at the transition home, we discovered that Fetya does not like pizza or ice cream! Fetya is usually a GREAT eater, but she wasn’t so sure what to think about the strange food placed in front of her. Maybe she’ll never be an adventurous eater, or maybe she’ll change with all the food choices in America! Fetya continues to be very healthy and happy!

Maybe I'll have to steam up some spinach on pizza night! We leave in just 6 days--it's unreal!


E said...


I seriously just got butterflies thinking about you meeting Fetya for the first time. I just KNOW she's going to be so happy to have a Daddy & a Mommy! I'm so excited to hear what that first meeting is like. I'm sure you'll post immediately just for me (err...when you get chance...for all of us).

I'm sure you guys are going to have a really wonderful week meeting your two precious kids! I'm praying for you as you plan, pack & prepare!


E said...


Don't worry about the email - you have way too much going on right now to let that pass through the ol' thought process!!! I always forget when people owe me emails anyway...until they write me back and I'm like, "Yay, what a fun discussion." So you can email me back in about 6 months once things have settled down. (Not that you have to wait that long or have to email me back - for some reason it "sounded" weird). Okay, that sounded weird too. I give up on me.

I'm so happy to be able to follow your journey and look forward to continuing on this road with you!

Team Dragovich said...

Yea for getting to wear your crocs today!! :) I don't think it is careless if you scraped the rest of the year-- I'm sorry if you thought I was implying that :). I didn't really mean "scrap" or skip or whatever I said... I guess I should have said, "post-pone" or put aside or something like that. I'm sorry, I hope you weren't offended :)
It's getting more real, isn't it???

the Steiger's said...

the Avent bottles is 8oz. and the other is 10oz. By the way Jordan only ate 4oz at a time when we got her. She is up to 8oz now.

Carpenters said...

They are such cuties! Gotta love Fridays. Can't wait to see them in your arms!

With Love,