April 17, 2008

Our latest

I just got a few photos from a family who picked their daughters up last month. They were so excited to hear that we live within a few hours of each other. Their little girls and Salomae had become friends at the transition home.

Doesn't she look like a jubilant kid?

Penelope was so kind to send me a travel email complete with photos. I actually printed her travel list from her blog because I knew it would be the most comprehensive I could find. It is FIVE pages long. Now you understand a little bit of what I'm dealing with. Seth seems to think we are just "throwing some clothes in a bag."

That is a direct quote. He lives in blissful ignorance. I have enlightened him.

So we press on.

Among packing, I have doctor's appointments, speech therapy, and Ella needs a new leg. Perfect timing on that one. Her prosthetist just took a new job in Tennessee. Perfect.

And school...sigh. School. We *will* be done with school next week. Regardless. I take that back. I will be done with school next week. The children may continue on for the following week, it's completely up to the replacements (aka in laws and my parents). They may have a strong desire to teach that week. You know, tie up some loose ends. Totally up to them. No pressure or anything.

But, hey, isn't that a cute picture? I'm thrilled that they sent that along to me. In less than one week we are leaving! Only 9 days until we meet our kids!


Team Dragovich said...

You KNOW there has to be drama right before you leave-- otherwise it wouldn't be worth LEAVING-- Ha!!! Men have such a wonderfully different perspective than us, don't they-- it seems to work well for them!! Tony will be the same way. I can see it now. Did you actually get done with your year this early? Or are you putting the kabash on the rest of it and saving it for later?? Just curious. We are slated to be done at the end of May. I'm going year-round with my boys. They are thrilled. (sarcasm)
Okay, keep goin' on the list!

Sherry said...

9 Days! Wow!!!! I'm so excited for you. Praying that the packing and details all come together.

Peace and Blessings! - Sherry Semlow

Carpenters said...

I love this picture of Salomae! Gabe had the same throw some clothes in a bag idea. Men. I'm tellin' ya. Getting ready is a busy time, but it's a great time too. I can't wait to see pictures of you in Ethiopia.

With Love,

Penny Smith said...

YAY! Thanks for the pictures! I am very excited for you! :)