August 23, 2015

100 Days of Something

My brilliant, amazing, super-writer friend just published a book.  She declares she isn't a super hero, but she's lying.  Only super heroes are able to accomplish what she did.  She wrote a real book!  I was and still remain impressed. 

Her book, The Raw Homeschool Mom, chronicles her life as a homeschooling mom for 100 days.  I love those 100 day things.  Julie and Julia?  Loved it!  100 days of anything, sign me up, I'm gonna read it and appreciate your determination in writing about something for 100 long days.

So, I feel challenged.  The last time I blogged was April.  Nearly five months have passed since I sat down and wrote.  The guilt from that realization and chatting with my amazing writer friend have pushed me to ponder my own 100 days.  100 days  It won't be eloquent because I'm not a writer.  It probably won't be very interesting either.  I just keep thinking these days are slipping away.  One day I will look up and it won't be Everett doing Chemistry with me, it will be Josiah.  Everett, who sat down and read my blog posts from years ago, quipped that I "used to be funny" and our house "used to be crazy".  I think he doesn't realize that, though we are all getting older, our stories haven't changed all that much.

So, here we go:  100 days of life in our house.  Homeschooling.  Adoption.  Transracial family issues. Prosthetic legs, kinky hair, and running shoes.  Who knows what's going to happen, but I'm going to write about it.

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Teresa Griffith said...

Awesome. I have missed reading about your adventures. And yes, there is nothing stopping you from publishing your adventures....... go for it.

Aunt Teresa