August 24, 2015

Day 1

It seems fitting that my first day of blogging would begin on the first day of school.

And that my husband would come screaming down the hallway in his underwear while pumping his fist in the air, "I got him!  I got him!" A rather unusual wake up call.  I was still groggy after a night of strange dreams, no doubt because of the frantic school preparations that went on last night.  His excitement was a little irritating.  Then it dawned on me.  The mouse.

Three months ago our freezer broke.  We have a massive, rather expensive and rather new, fridge.  We bought it in the dent and ding section of the appliance store and then bought the warranty.  Seth's mantra has become, "They don't make them like they used to."  Hence, my two sets of 30 year old washers and dryers in the basement.  I have a back up in case one fails, because we definitely wouldn't want to buy a new one.  No way.  Even though I really miss my beautiful front loader.  Really.

This repair guy has been coming every three weeks all summer trying to fix our freezer.  Our last visit revealed a little visitor behind our fridge.  I was appalled and a little embarrassed.  Seth was downright mad.  The repairman, who has become a familiar face around here, suggested sending one of the cats behind the fridge.  Those stinkers showed no interest in the mouse, they probably thought it was another one of the pets.  They enjoy bringing already dead rodents into the house, but evidently they don't feel like taking care of one in the house.  Irritating.  Seth declared war on this mouse and the hulking fridge has been sitting in the middle of the kitchen waiting for the mouse to take the bait.  Tricky little guy, he taunted Seth for a few days by eating the peanut butter from the trap.  Thus, his excitement this morning, he finally outsmarted the rodent.
I was exceptionally nervous this morning because I am teaching Everett's class at our Classical Conversations campus.  I can't determine whether my nervousness is because Everett is in my class, or because I haven't ever covered the material we will be learning.  It could be that I just fried my brain by cramming one year of Latin into the past two weeks.  When I started my school preparations, I didn't realize how long it would take for me to do lessons 1-6.  I also didn't know that first year Latin students spend their first year on ONLY lessons 1-6.  When it dawned on me, in class this morning, that I just completed a year of Latin in two weeks, I sagged in relief.  I'm not an idiot, that was truly an accomplishment!  Alas, I'm starting off in an already burned out state.

Armed with my purple gel pen and my new power shirt, gifted to me by my sister, I loaded up the van with learning materials and students.  This is the first year we didn't pose next to the Black Eyed Susans wearing new school clothes for our first day of school pictures.  Instead, we frantically threw lunch boxes, children, and backpacks into the car and sped off.   The day was truly a blur of books and discussion for me. 

I think it went well.  That is the best we can hope for, right?

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