August 25, 2015

Day 2

I drank a soda last night at dinner.  It was a long day and ended with a long homeschool co-op meeting.  Many well meaning parents making many seemingly important announcements, but too often taking too long.  I had to sit on my hands to avoid clapping prematurely just to get a few of them off the stage.  Since I was exhausted, I splurged on some caffeine.  I gave it up a few years ago, and even as I had my first sip, I leaned to my friend and whispered, "This will probably keep me up all night."

I finally fell asleep around 2 am.  I am a glutton for punishment.

Lack of sleep and a terrible sore throat made me a little laid back today.  My excitement last night about getting into real learning has waned.  That's a bad sign, considered the excitement usually lasts at least the first week! 

In the throes of researching Neptune with Elijah and telling Josiah that school really did start and he really does have to sit down and work, all I could think about was a nap.  A nap and maybe some orange juice.

We don't have orange juice, or anything else palatable in the house right now.  See yesterday's post about my Latin exploits and that may clue you into why I haven't had time to grocery shop.  I found some frozen burritos in the garage freezer and slapped them down for lunch today.  Elijah was so excited, "This is like, oh, memories!  You used to buy these all of the time when we were little!" 

Score one for me by accident.  I bought those nasty things for Everett since he's been avoiding food and I'm experimenting on what might tempt him.  Easy + delicious + healthy = impossible  I'm at the place where I don't care if it's healthy I just want him to eat.  If I walked into the kitchen and he was pouring the chocolate syrup directly from the bottle into his throat, I might flinch but I also might applaud. 

My dreams of a yummy lunch and reading a great book aloud were thwarted by a poor decision 12 hours ago and a nasty virus.  Starting school is always high on the 'need to make this super amazing' list so the threat of mom guilt lurks.  Frozen burritos feel like a fail, but who knew the kids thought it was great.  A memory for lunch. 

My mom guilt was gone and I even gave myself permission to get a guilt-free nap. I woke up to a little chaos, along the lines of Josiah chasing Ella with her prosthetic leg.  Go figure. 

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