August 27, 2015

Day 4

My husband and eldest have now shared their unbelief with me.  They don't think I can write anything for 100 days.  I had to pause and think, because usually my husband is the grounded one.  They may both be right, what am I thinking? Reality sets in though--after so many years Seth should know me well enough to recognize scoffing would make me work harder.

Maybe that was his point.

Before our wedding, Seth and I wrote letters to our parents and to read during the ceremony.  His was long, eloquent, and written on beautiful paper.  It now hangs in a frame in his parent's house.  I couldn't set my pen to paper.  I kept waiting for words to come, but it seemed like one of the most dreadful writing assignments.  That letter and the 'let's write our own vows' idea, which was also terribly strenous.  We not only wrote them, but memorized them.  I have a picture of myself and my friend sitting in the dressing room at the church chanting my vows.  That day was high pressure!  I did memorize my vows, and I did have something to say to my parents during the ceremony.  It isn't framed hanging on a wall, since I never actually got it on paper.

It went something like this:  Dad, thank you for challenging me and keeping me grounded.  Thank you for telling me that my schemes were harebrained and wouldn't work.  Mom, thank you for tiptoeing behind Dad and whispering that I could do whatever I set my mind to.

It was a touching moment with tears all around.  Shortly after that while lighting the unity candle, it lit then tipped over and started rolling.  That may be all that anyone remembers from our wedding ceremony.

100 days of writing seems harebrained, but I'm planning on proving Seth and Everett wrong.

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