April 15, 2015

FourHearts + You

Many hands make light work.

My grandma said this to me.  Probably, she said it to a group of her grandchildren about snapping green beans or shucking corn.  My grandpa always had an enormous garden and many hands did indeed make light work.   Instead of my grandma working her fingers to the bone, we all pitch in and soon the bushels of just picked beans slowly become rows of canned beans.  

I have repeated that phrase many times over the years.  The truth rings clear whenever faced with an insurmountable task.  

As FourHearts begins its ministry to pregnant and hurting teens, an insurmountable task faces them.  In the throes of forming a Board of Directors, establishing itself as a non-profit, and navigating the laws of Puerto Rico, they are hoping to get their first safe house, Hogar En-Hacore running.  The overwhelming mission ahead is made even more burdensome by trying to raise $35,000 to open Hogar En-Hacore.  In Puerto Rico, Nidza has the framework established, the employees are ready, the facility waits, but the funds are lacking.  

Many hands make light work.

I don’t have an extra $35,000 stowed away.  God keeps my family hopping in our finances so we are always flushing our savings away on new pipes, new prosthetics, or the like.  But, I do have enough to stop for a cup of coffee with a friend.  Or buy that book I’ve been hearing about on Amazon.  I have enough.  I have more than enough.  I want for nothing.  I definitely have an extra $5.  I venture you might have a spare $5 too.

Danica thought, if we all donated just $5, what might happen.  If you pulled that wadded up five from the bottom of your purse and donated it to FourHearts, and I grabbed that forgotten five from the top of my dryer—could we put enough fives together to make a dent in the funds needed to open the first safe house?

Many hands make light work.

My grandma says so.  I agree.  For the next four weeks, FourHearts will be holding it’s first fundraising campaign.  Let’s see how much ‘work’ we can do.  Every little bit helps bring the home to completion.  It helps bring hope to one girl who is scared and hurt and needs a safe place to recover.  

Many hands make light work.  Join in the work today! Visit GoFundMe.com/FourHearts

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