July 30, 2008

Three Months

We had our first (of three) post-placement visits with our social worker last week. Yesterday was our official "these kids have been WITH us for three months" day. I believe in some circles that would be 'gotcha day'. Though gotcha day could also be our court day or the day we met or the day we arrived home? Very confusing. In honor of said day, here are some photos.

**I would have posted this yesterday but we have been visiting relatives (which could explain the previous post). Josiah doesn't sleep well outside of our home (anymore). Like averages 4 wake-ups a night. Last night was a special one for me, he woke up every hour from 3:30 on. Lovely.

On with the photos...

Referral picture of Salomae, mid-Feb (aka the grumpiest picture we have of Sally).

'Gotcha Day'--actually this is 'Metcha Day'. Sally missed most of Gotcha Day therefore we don't have a single picture of her on that day. Shameful.

One month home

Two Months home (after picking mulberries in the backyard)

Three months home (after a lady at the hospital said, "Honey, I'm gonna give you my number--I braid hair." So I went to the library and checked out some books and tried MY hand at braiding.)

Josiah's referral picture

Gotcha Day with nannies and bunkmates.

Sitting up at one month home.

Two months home (on the hammock).

STANDING UP at the water table last week. Slow down kiddo!


Carpenters said...

I can't believe it has already been three months! They are as cute as ever. Sally's hair looks so cute in those braids. (I can't quite believe someone would be so forward, yikes.) Josiah will be walking before you know it. I'm with you on the confusing "when is gotcha day" thing. We haven't come up with an answer either.

With Love,

Penny said...

This is a great post! LOTS of pictures! Good girl!

shawn and tisha said...

The braids you did look great!! Your kids are so cute and they look so happy! Congratulations on three months!! :)