July 20, 2008

Cuteness Abounds

I'm parenting solo this Sunday morning. To my surprise everyone is dressed and ready to go (only a few minutes late) to church. And they look adorable. I know it will only last a few minutes. The new braids in Sally's hair will get plucked out, Josiah will undoubtably puke on his outfit, and Ella will brush against the dirty van with her dress. So I take a picture. No time for a photo shoot. Just one try and this is what I got. I know from experience that even after 14 shots one child will be doing what Eli is doing in at least EVERY picture. So, pretend he isn't searching for something in Sally's hair. Pretend he's looking at the camera being handsome. While you're at it, pretend Everett isn't about to drop Josiah on the landscaping blocks below.


Christine said...

Hmmm, did you ever tell Everett how E.S.A. Chris almost threw him onto some railroad tracks in the middle of the night in N.O.? Maybe he's having flashbacks with Josiah... LOL Probably shouldn't post this in case child services is monitoring.... :o) Chris

Christine said...

P.S. If you get a chance, post a bigger version of that cutie pic of the kids you just added to the blog margin... I'd love to see it up close! Looks idyllic.... Chris

Susan said...

It is PERFECT! :-D

Love you! Susan

E said...

Very, very cute! Eben holds his baby brother just like that...makes a mama's heart soar...until baby brother slips out of big brother's arms and drops on the ground. :) They're all so cute, and I love the girls in their dresses! What beautiful sisters!


E said...

Just read your post...thanks for stopping by. I use Well Trained Mind as my "base" for everything. And, you're right, it can be scary to figure it all out on your own. Yet...I'm pretty sure that's the way I always plan to do it. Even when I have guidance from a "program" I'll still be choosing a lot of our "big" subjects on my own - because I don't LOVE theirs and I'm a control freak. At the end of the day, you do get a school that is really yours and everything is right for your family!

Thanks so much for the homeschooling chats - love them and I really love Handwriting Without Tears for Eben. I just needed that push (which you probably unknowingly gave) and now that I have all the stuff, I'm so glad we went that route!

Can't wait to hear about what you end up doing this year - if you have the time to go into once you get all the planning done, that is.... When I was done with my post, I was like, "Did I seriously spend that much time typing all of that up?!" But...I justify it by saying that I'll want to have it all neatly chronicled for next time I do Kindergarten. Anytime you need help justifying something, I'm your girl!

Happy planning...again, thanks for the chats!

Carpenters said...

I'm pretending and it's a beautiful picture. Okay, done pretending. It's still a beautiful picture. I love the commentary. It is so spot on and made me laugh.

Btw, Happy (belated) Birthday! I hope it was a blast.

With Love,