July 21, 2008

Josiah crawls

I'm excited and devastated. I didn't expect it. Somehow he maneuvered his chubbiness onto all fours and...MOVED. Right for my coffee. The joy that I'm raising a fellow coffee lover is lost in the dismay that I will now have to baby proof the house.

Later he 'chased' Everett's legos while everyone shrieked and scrambled to get them out of his way. (Have I mentioned that there is a LOT of shrieking going on around here? The addition of daughter #2 has tripled the shrieking. It seems to be a contagious activity. Like laughing. But louder and more obnoxious.)

It's my 31st birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom, I'm about to make your life very difficult!


E said...

Wow! That last picture is beyond cute! Abel was already crawling when he came home. It was a big adjustment going from a 5 year old to having a 5 year old (with all of his choking hazardy toys) and a crawling 1 year old. Abel gets into EVERYTHING...so...Happy Birthday, indeed! Now you'll have no rest! (Did you before? See here: dubious belief that you did...smirk)

Happy Birthday!!!


E said...

Sorry for all of these comments (I should have just emailed, but now that I'm already here...). I left this on my blog comments, but wasn't sure if you check back on comment threads - I typically don't.

Oh, and to Apryl...

I totally have faith in you...I had to commiserate with you about it being scary (and totally overwhelming - to me). The only thing that kept be plodding along was to realize I only had to plan for one year and not to get overwhelmed by WTM and all 14 years of homeschooling (because preschool & Kindergarten totally count)!

Something I like about WTM is it is designed to go in cycles and you are meant to keep all the kids on the same cycle (so you're not teaching different periods in history all at once). Here's an article - Classical Schooling with Multiple Ages - on that:


Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Apryl!!! Josiah is just the cutest in that last photo! Looks like he's up to NO GOOD!

Love you! Susan

the Steiger's said...

Happy Birthday Apryl.
There is a lot of shrieking going on in our house as well. The car seems to be the place to be as laud as possible. If I can beat them I join them. I guess it is a girl thing.

cjsanderson said...

Happy Birthday Apryl - I think you are great!!! I thank God that I know you and your whole family!
Love from me

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

Hahaha about shrieking being contagious! As a teacher that has spent what seems like years and years of my life on recess duty, I can certainly second that one!

Lots of love!

Penny Smith said...

Too cute!


Anonymous said...

just to let you know that I think and pray for you (all), I love you bunches....aunt Teresa

Lisa said...

I'm not sure how you do it---you are truly an inspiration! We are S T I L L following the paperchase for our adoption from Ethiopia and just when I think I don't have the energy and there is no end in sight, I read your blog and get reinspired! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Loved the entry about the Zoo---I had to totally laugh out loud!
Lisa (Kentucky)

Carpenters said...

Welcome (again) to the mama of a "just now crawling" club. I just joined too and it gets interesting. Josiah looks like he's going to enjoy his new freedom. I hope mommy does too.

With Love,