July 9, 2008


There are four AWAA families in Ethiopia right now. I wanted to share their blogs so you who are stalkers could check them out and pray for them. The Gibson's (password Kiki) had an error during court and are facing another 1-2 week stay in Ethiopia while paperwork gets corrected. We met the Raymer's boys at Kid's Care. I have pictures of Seth and their son doing a little shoe dance together. It's such a wonderful feeling to see these children united with their families.

When I posted about Salomae's back a few weeks ago, one of you kind readers gave me a link to another mom who has a daughter with Pott's disease (spinal TB's other name). I just read on her blog about a mom and her son who went into surgery this week to correct his spine. Go over there and read what her past two days have been like and start praying for her son Isaac.

I'm terrified of what Salomae's next year may hold. We visited the orthopedic surgeon today. He said that the brace is helping her to straighten up, but anticipates surgery before the 6 months on medication. Please pray for Salomae's health--that the medication would be effective and her back would be strong enough for us to wait until after the 6 month mark for corrective surgery.

On a much happier note--Josiah is 9 months old today! He's the wiggliest baby and trying to crawl (with extended family cheering him on). I discourage any crawling or pulling up that I see. It will only make my life more complicated. Maybe he can start crawling at about 2 years of age? Doubtful. He pulled up in the crib two days ago. Dear me.


E said...

I'm continuing to pray for Salomae! And...yay for your little guy! He's so cute!


Carpenters said...

We'll continue to pray for Salomae and healing. Happy 9 months, Josiah! Alexandra is crawling up a storm now. I am very grateful. She is much more content now that she can move around. We already baby proofed for our Josiah, so we're good to go. I can't wait to hear Josiah's crawling adventures.

With Love,