July 17, 2008

Our Budding Libertarian

Otherwise known as 'The Day That My Son Actually Turned Into His Father'. We went to the park today. That in and of itself is not exciting. What follows is probably only interesting to those who know Seth. Pretty well.

When we arrived at the park there were all sorts of tree cutting services parked along the street. Felled trees littered the sides of the road--general chaos. Wood chippers are always high excitement to small children so I saw that we'd probably spend some time checking out the heavy machinery. Alas, at the parking lot the business had already been taken care of and all that remained were some logs and stumps.

I'm baffled, by the way, as to WHY the parks service felt like it was important to cut down trees at the already tree-vacant playground. But they made sure that every last tree along the parking area was gone. As we unloaded our madness from the van, I remarked on the tree removal. Expressing my bewilderment to the children, I said, "Why in the world do you think that they would cut these trees down?"

Everett, without missing a beat, replied, "Because the government told them to."

Seth's remark upon hearing this story? "Well, that IS the only logical conclusion. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Which is why he is a libertarian who works for the federal government (and loves a good conspiracy theory).

Like father, like son.

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Christine said...

It was bound to happen. Sigh. Are they going to the X-files 'I want to believe' movie together for additional conspiracy training? LOL Chris