June 19, 2008

We have a date

A post several months ago shared this title, but it was a celebratory post. We have a date next week for Salomae's biopsy. We just got the anticipated phone call yesterday. I've been holding my breath waiting for this. Not unlike our adoption, this medical diagnosis has been on a 'hurry up and wait' timeline. The professionals freak out and frantically yelp. Then they don't call me the next day or the next or the day after that...we don't hear anything until I call the nurses and bug them. I spoke with the infectious disease specialist last week and got her email address. She's been very good about answering questions and trying to get this biopsy done. I guess she worked some magic or all the ducks got in their assigned rows. The pediatric surgeon will be on vacation so we will have to use one of his partners.

Yeah, nevermind.
I finished that last sentence and my cell phone rang. It was our infectious disease specialist (from here on out she will be known as IDS, to ease the burden on my fingers). She met the surgeon today and he told her that he wasn't going to do the surgery. He felt it was too dangerous. So we are going to have a procedure done Tuesday to try and get some fluid from her lungs. Perhaps there will be a bit'o'bacteria that can be cultured.

I can't believe that I started this post four days ago (today is June 23).
The scoop as of this very moment (subject to change)...Salomae is having a bone biopsy done on Thursday (since the lung juice was probably not going to work out so well). Hopefully, Friday she will start medications for TB. We saw a pediatric hematologist this morning who is concerned and wants to get some bone marrow from Salomae on Thursday while she's knocked out.

I'm going to post this right now before things change again!


Karen said...

Apryl - We continue to pray for you and your family. You are so positive and upbeat despite the scary situation. Praying for Salome! Karen Wistrom

Carpenters said...

Wow, Apryl, so much back and forth. I'm glad that you finally have a date. We'll be praying for Salome.

With Love,