June 7, 2008


Just a quickie--five families from AW are traveling to Ethiopia TODAY. I'm a little jealous, which seems weird. I was so anxious to get home, but would jump at the chance to go back (only if I took all 5 children). People told me that before I left, and I didn't believe them. Now I do. Since I'm not planning on spending college funds on a trip to ET anytime soon (I think the airfare would total about...$15,000), we can all live vicariously through these families.

As long as they blog. I'll amend that--as long as they blog better than I did while WE were there and don't blow up any cameras or lose memory cards.

Visit the Kidds, Cordells, Gardners, and Wests! Pray for them as you read about their week.

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Jill Coen said...

Don't be jealous! That was our first full night's sleep since we've been home...you still have one up on us. We'll see how tonight goes. The only difference last night was we skipped our whole "routine" because he fell asleep at 6.

I'm jealous of the travelers too...can't believe they didn't invite us. ;)