June 3, 2008

One Month

We have been home for one month. I'm a little late in posting this, but these pictures were taken this weekend, one month after getting home.

Today we have Fetya's MRI at 3:15. She is going under general anesthesia for the procedure. We are praying that this reveals something to the doctor's and sometime THIS week she can get the biopsy done. Thank you for your prayers regarding her health!


Christy O said...

They are adorable!!!

Carpenters said...

Already they have grown! They look so "at home"! Beautiful!

We'll be praying for Fetya's MRI.

With Love,

Rob & Candy said...

they are so beautiful.
Praying all went well with the MRI

Jori said...

Could it be a month already? Wow, time must go faster when they are home vereses when waiting! They look very happy and praying with you for Fetya's health. Keep us updated.
Blessings, Jori
WFR 02/19 either x2

shawn and tisha said...

Your kids look so sweet! It so neat to see them at home. :)

Penny Smith said...

Has it been a month already??? NO WAY! WOW!

DANG these kids are cute!!!

Prayers continuing!
He'll see ya through!