March 2, 2007

I am going on vacation because....

1. I've lost count of how many days it has been since I have seen the sun.
2. Yesterday my four year old locked himself in the bathroom. My oldest thought it was so funny that we should be videotaping, so he snapped this photo. I spent half an hour in this pose before finally disassembing the knob and getting the door open. This is NOT the first time this child has done this (just the first time in this house).
3. We have a cat. We love our cat. Our cat had an upset stomach recently. Need I say more?
4. My daughter woke up at 2 am and peed in her bed. This is highly unusual and obviously I forgot to make her potty before bed.
5. My calender has at least 4 appointments or obligations on it everyday for the last three weeks of March.
6. My son decided he hates subtraction with a passion. His distaste is strong enough that he's made me question whether anyone ever needs to learn how to subtract. Not good.
7. My loving, caring, busy, in-laws didn't schedule their time share week early enough and got stuck with the first week of March. I guess we must seem frazzled, because they thought a week at the beach would do us good. God love 'em!

We had freezing rain yesterday, and right now snowflakes the size of quarters are pouring down. I don't care, because I'm loading my summer things, my kids, grabbing the hubby, and heading south!

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