March 30, 2007

I'm doing an elated, blissful, dance of "almost being done" joy

I just stuffed an envelope for our social worker. This was almost the last bit of paperwork we needed for our homestudy. We are waiting on physicals for the kids (happens next week and I'm dreading it).

As I'm writing I realize that it doesn't sound so hot, but I'm excited. This is the light at the end of the tunnel! I was so busy sightseeing in the tunnel I didn't notice that we were nearing the end. Most of the paperwork for our dossier is the original of what I just packed off in the mail for our social worker. So my beautiful stack is growing. I looked at the handy, dandy checklist and jumped for joy. Skipping into the living room with glee I sang out to Seth and Everett, "Look at this envelope, its full and we are alllllllll-most done!" Seth stopped his game of go-fish to express his disbelief. I had to actually show him the ragged checklist before he would believe me. He's been out of town and hasn't seen me in action. He's responsible for one document (the aforementioned employment letter), and I guess didn't notice that I was a little bee, gathering all we needed to get this done. So I'm twirling myself to the mailbox right now!

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