March 19, 2007

The Amazing (paper) Race

I've seen The Amazing Race maybe twice. It spurned a conversation between Seth and I about whether we would be able to compete on the show. This morning, as I was planning through my day I realized that we would spend the day racing around. This is what it looked like:

By 8:00 am-Seth out the door to a doctor's appointment. Two documents in hand to be filled out, one for notarization. A list of possible immunizations in hand also. No directions for doctor's office.

By 9:30 am-All three children dressed, fed, cleaned. Apryl dressed, fed, cleaned. House tidied. Begin meager amount of homeschooling with children. Sing some songs, read Bible, pray. Everett practices his Chimpanzee report for a trip to the zoo this afternoon. Backpacks packed with lunches for afternoons at friend's houses. Leave the house.

At 10-Drop Everett off with friends (who will take him with them to homeschool trip to the zoo).

At 10:30 Drop Ella and Eli off with other friend.

*Now the schedule falls apart* Seth is still at the doctor's office. We miscommunicate and end up falling behind in our race.

At 11 (30 minutes late) Leave for BCIS fingerprinting. Drive for 2 hours in icy conditions, praying most of the time. Seth studies for Greek and History tests he will take tonight.

At 1-Arrive at our destination with time to spare. Run up steep, icy hill just in time for appointment.

At 1:05-Fingerprints done. Meet sister (she works in the Federal Building) for quick trip to cafeteria for lunch to go.

At 1:25-Leave for home, 2 hour drive in slushy conditions.

At 3:30-pick up children from assorted houses and race home.

At 4:00-Arrive home, brew pot of coffee. Smooth clothes and welcome social worker into home for first in-home visit for homestudy.

At 5:30-Social Worker leaves, planning to see us next week. Apryl realizes that she doesn't want to cook dinner.

At 5:40-Apryl runs to the van, screams down the road and gets a "Hot-n-Ready" for dinner.

At 5:55-Seth hugs all goodbye, smiles at his pizza and leaves for his tests at school. Apryl smiles at children, and pizza and finally takes a deep breath. the end of this day-we haven't really got anything to show for it, but a few checkmarks in the little boxes on the long list of things to do. I am truly convinced after all of it that we wouldn't want to be on the Amazing Race. I couldn't do this for a million bucks, but I'll try to for a child.

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